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Designing my Atlas Enclosure and Amp..Help Needed. (1 Viewer)

Matthew Will

Stunt Coordinator
Jan 6, 2002
Hello all,

I think I have picked up one of the last Atlas 15's. As excited as I am I still have no plans for the enclosure and amp just yet. I'll need all the help I can get.

Let me explain what I'll be using this for. Here's a big shocker, HT AND Music. This is where I am thrown off. I listen to all types of music including the hardest speed metal with some extremely quick double bass. If it weren't for this I would immediately say that I should just tune my sub towards home theater and port it.

I've heard other opinions as well. One is that most sound quality actually comes from the midbass region which would be produced by my other speakers. Then someone else also mentioned they built a sealed subwoofer and immediately wanted more and decided to build the ported. So would I be heading in the wrong direction with a sealed Atlas? Enclosure size isn't so much of a factor. The main listening area is 17'4"X23'6" with the back half opening into a wider area than 17'4".

So my two problem areas are what enclosure I should build and how do I amplify it.

Enclosure - Do I build a larger sealed with polyfill to try and get some of the low end back while still maintaining "tight" bass?

Do I believe the idea that most sound quality comes from the midbass speakers and not the subwoofer?

Do I build a sonotube or a box?

The plans on the old ascendant audio site look as if the 11 ft cubed ported enclosure provides the best splvsfreq chart but then that doesn't consider the sound quality.

Lastly, after providing the size enclosure you recommend what amp option do you suggest? I plan on spending no more than $200 on the amp. TIA. Matt


Stunt Coordinator
Oct 20, 2002
I am building two atlas 15" enclosures right now . The plans are from Chad at ascendant audio it is basically a 24" cube with 2 4" flared precision ports (full length). I believe the box is 6 cu. ft.
You could try this design sealed first and then port it if you desire to. You would have to cut the port holes in the mid brace first so the ports can go through it,if you add them. Call up Chad and have him email you thew plans. That is what I had to do. I would email them to you but he asked me not to post them or email until he can get them up on the website.
According to the AA site you can get a Q of .577 with a 6.5 cu. ft. box. So you should be able to hit that with a 6 cu. ft. and some fill.
As far as the amp I would go with a Rythmik audio 250W plate that would get to you for about $137.00.

Todd Nichols

May 11, 2003
I am finishing up a 8 ft3 enclosure with two 4" ports for my Atlas 15. I will give you a review when I can crank it up. I was also looking for a good mix, but didn't want to be disappointed with the output. I am going to use the Rythmik 250 or 350. I have not decided on that yet.

Matthew Will

Stunt Coordinator
Jan 6, 2002

I sent you an email through HTF. It is more detailed than this message. Basically I need the first page of the plans for Chads ported design. I have the second but the first didn't come through. Let me know if you still need my email address after reading the one I sent you. Thanks. Matt

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