Desert Island Discs (DIDs)

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    A music only poll-type post.
    1) Bruce Cockburn "Circles in the Stream" The best of his early work all rolled together with recordings and performances that better the original recordings for every song. The best live album I've ever heard.
    2) Marshall Crenshaw "Marshall Crenshaw" The self titled debut by the most underappreciated (by the general public) pop songwriter ever. An absolute staple in any serious pop music collection.
    3) W. A. Mozart "Symphony 40/41, Academy of Ancient Music, Christopher Hogwood conducting." 40 is perhaps the most perfect piece of music every composed, and 41 is not far behind.
    4) Miles Davis "Kind Of Blue" The esssential Bee-bop record, and for good reason. Star performances by some of Jazz' revolutionary pioneers help this album shine.
    5) Paul McCartney "Band on the Run" A sentimental favorite of mine, Paul at his fresh post-Beatle Best.
    6) Sam Phillips "Fan Dance" - Brand new, but an instant classic. Melodies that just seem like they're coming out of thin air. And Sam's thin voice with simple insturmentation makes the most of them.
    7) Joe Jackson "Heaven & Hell" - Really a tie with the brilliant "Body & Soul", but "H&H" wins out with the fantastic performances of the whole all-star cast.
    8) A Tribe Called Quest "The Low End Theory" - Infectious grooves coupled with the smooth voices of the Tribe make this album irresistable. Hooks galore.
    9) King Crimson "Discipline" - I do remember one thing. It took hours and hours, and by the time I was done with it, I was so involved I didn't know what to think. I carried it around with me for days, playing little games. Like not looking at it for a whole day, and then, looking at it to see if I still liked it. I did!
    10) Peter Townshend "Empty Glass" - Peter's post-Who musical epiphany. Can you imagine the early 80s Who doing "Let My Love Open The Door" or "A Little Is Enough"? Peter was saving his best work for himself, and it shows. "All The Best Cowboys Have CHinese Eyes" competes here as well.
    Honorable Mentions:
    The Beatles: "The Beatles" - Not necessarily my favorite Beatles album, but there's enough variety in style there to go a long way on a desert Island.
    Maria McKee: "You Gotta Sin To Get Saved" or "Life Is Sweet"
    Bruce Cockburn "The Charity Of Night"
    The Clash "Sandinista"
    John Coltrane "Blue Train"
    Weather Report "Heavy Weather"
    Midnight Oil "Earth and Sun and Moon"
    U2 "The Unforgettable Fire"
    Nuno "Schizophonic"
    Steely Dan "Aja"
    The Psychedelic Furs "World Outside"
    Talking Heads "Remain In Light"
    Phil Keaggy "Town To Town"
    Third World "Story's Been Told"
    Beastie Boys "Paul's Botique"
    King Crimson "Thrak"
    numerous others..... [​IMG]
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    Okay, Phil, I'll bite. I don't think you specifically asked that we keep it to ten, but that's how you did it, and how I'll do it (along with some honorable mentions). In no particular order (though I'll number them to keep myself from slipping past ten:
    1. U2 - Achtung Baby (Honorable mentions: The Unforgettable Fire and a live recording I have of the 6/19/2001 show I attended at Madison Square Garden) For me, can't be beat. I got interested in U2 at the tail end of their Joshua Tree popularity and caught up by buying all the old albums from Rattle and Hum and Joshua Tree on back to Boy. Achtung Baby was the first new release they put out after I became a fan, and I was rabid for it. Loved it ever since. My friend Phil and I still refer to it, over a decade later, as "The Disc." (As for Unforgettable Fire, "Bad" is still my favorite U2 song).
    2. Rolling Stones - Hot Rocks (Honorable mention: Some Girls) I'm not usually very big on promoting hits packages over thematically unified studio albums, but Hot Rocks was my first real exposure to the Stones (my dad had taped it off a "classic album of the week" radio broadcast; even though the tape's side ran out right in the middle of "Sympathy for the Devil," it became my favorite Stones song). (Some Girls contains my favorite stuff from the post-Hot Rocks era.)
    3. Buffalo Tom - Asides from Buffalo Tom (1988-1999) Again, not a big greatest-hits fan, but I picked this one up on a whim in 2000, the day I stopped in to pick up U2's All That You Can't Leave Behind. U2 is still probably my favorite band, but the Buffalo Tom disc got more play from me in the following months. Love it.
    4. The Who By Numbers (Honorable mention: Quadrophenia, Live at Leeds, Who's Next, Who Are You) I got into The Who when I was in college, and it was mostly due to Tommy and Quadrophenia, but this one speaks to me the most. I was probably only 21 when I first got into it, but its central theme of Townshend's self-evaluation at age 30 already spoke to me. I read someone refer to it once as a "suicide note," and I think that's not far off. Very personal stuff from Pete (and "Success Story," the album's lone Entwistle-written piece, rocks hard).
    5. Counting Crows - August and Everything After (Honorable mention to the rest of the Crows' catalogue) I've loved all their stuff, and certainly the live double-disc would be a better way to up the song variety, but if it came down to it, I couldn't give up the studio version of "Anna Begins."
    6. Miles Davis - Kind of Blue I'll second this one. Classic jazz from an all-star quintet.
    7. Lucinda Williams - Car Wheels on a Gravel Road First thing with a country twang I ever let myself get into. Magical.
    8. Better Than Ezra - Friction, Baby (Honorable mentions to the rest of BTE's catalogue) I like all their stuff (and looove their concerts, always fun), and their latest, Closer, is probably their most accomplished, but Friction is kind of a classic to my ears, a time capsule of my last year of college. The lyrics to "Rewind" say it all: "Right then a song became a soundtrack for that space and time."
    9. Matthew Sweet - Girlfriend Liked the two music videos from this back in '91/'92. Didn't buy the album until '97, and it's been a frequent visitor to my CD players over the past couple of years. "You Don't Love Me" gets me to the bone.
    10. Radiohead - The Bends (Honorable Mentions: Pablo Honey and I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings) I like OK Computer, and I appreciate what the band was doing on Amnesiac and Kid A, but The Bends is the one that captured my imagination. "Fake Plastic Trees," "Just," "Black Star," all great. Got Pablo Honey long after, and it was better than I'd remembered when it was new. I Might Be Wrong has hardly left my CD player over the two months it's been out.
    Other honorable mentions:
    Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream
    Hum You'd Prefer an Astronaut
    Miles Davis Kind of Blue
    John Coltrane Blue Train, A Love Supreme
    INXS Kick
    Soundtrack Rushmore
    Soundtrack Singles
    Pearl Jam Indianapolis, August 18, 2000
    and many more I'm forgetting
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    Phil, though you and I have had some debates and gentlemanly disagreements, I still found myself nodding my head at much of your list. Crimson, Miles, Mozart, Tribe- how can you go wrong? Also, the Talking Heads album you listed is the only one I like (I like a bunch of their songs from other albums, but this is the only one where I dig the entire album). You'll have to tell me about some of those other artists on your list that I've never heard of. Perhaps worth looking into, no?

    Ok, so 10 albums that I'm taking with me to a desert island? This is like Sophie's choice. But, here we go...

    1. Charles Mingus- Ah Um

    Mingus is god, and this is one of his stronget, most "together" releases. Every moment is perfect.

    2. Opeth- Still Life

    I am obsessed with this group now. This album is very dense, which makes it great for repeat listens.

    3. King Crimson- Starless and Bible Black

    I think I could stay sane on an island if I got to hear Fracture every once in a while.

    4. John Coltrane- A Love Supreme

    Yes, it's cliche, so sue me. There plenty more I could have picked just as easily, but the beginning of the third track is just to powerful in my mind to ignore.

    5. Frank Zappa- Lather

    Am I allowed to take a 3-CD "album?" This just might be might favorite thing to listen to ever. The perfect blend of insanity, absurdist humor, live instrumental prowess, and compositional genius, taken from various sources and arranged in a surprisingly logical fashion.

    6. Thelonius Monk- Monk's Music

    Monk is my favorite piano player and jazz composer. This album features Art Blakey, Coltrane, and Coleman Hawkins performing some of the strongest and interesting versions of classic monk material, including a breath-taking extended blow of Epistophy

    7. Dreamtheater- Awake

    Perfect rock album. 'Nuff said.

    8. Joni Mitchell- Hissing of Summer Laws

    One of her most overlooked albums. A great balance between her pop-folk sensibilities and jazzy experimentation.

    9. Rush- Moving Pictures

    I love Rush, nyeh-nyeh nyeh-nyeh-nyeh.

    10. Jethro Tull- Songs From the Wood

    "Let me bring you all things refined:

    galliards and lute songs served in chilling ale..."

    Song writing at its best- with an Celtic flavor.
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    Good thread, Phil.

    1. Primus: Sailing the Seas of Cheese - My favorite Primus disc, and something I can listen to without being bored, from start to finish. From Tommy the Cat to Is it Luck, this is Primus at their finest.

    2. DJ Shadow: Endtroducing - A 'collage' album of pieces of forgotten vinyl mixed on top of each other to form some awesome music. I listen to this disc at least 2-3 times a month.

    3. Dr. Octagon: Dr. Octagonacolegyst - We've discussed this disc on the HTF before. Terrific beats from the Automator, excellent scratching from DJ Qbert, and outstanding rhyming from Kool Keith.

    4. Fugazi: In On the Killtaker - I really like this disc. Instrument is a great song, so is Champion, and just about all the other tracks are damn fine, too. I could really pick just about any Fugazi disc and be happy with it, though.

    5. Aphex Twin: Richard D. James Album - Richard's first album produced entirely on a computer. Milkman is a terrific song, and the whole disc is a joy to listen to.

    Those are 5 albums I would pick. Some others:

    Aphex Twin: Windowlicker - It's a single, but Windowlicker is my favorite Aphex Twin song.

    Pixies: Bossanova

    Nirvana: In Utero

    Kruder and Dorfmeister: DJ Kicks

    Deltron 3030: Deltron 3030

    Kid Koala: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (it comes with a cool comic book, too!)

    Amon Tobin: Permutation

    Those are some of my faves off the top of my head. Good stuff.

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    In no particular order...

    1. Abbey Road -- The Beatles

    2. Exile On Main Street -- The Rolling Stones

    3. Tumbleweed Connection -- Elton John

    4. Ride the Lightning -- Metallica

    5. All Things Must Pass (30th Anniv.) -- George Harrison

    6. Music From Big Pink -- The Band

    7. Plastic Ono Band -- John Lennon

    8. The Empire Strikes Back -- Soundtrack (John Williams)

    9. Live at Leeds (2001 Deluxe Edition) -- The Who

    10. Songs In the Key of Life -- Stevie Wonder

    A few others if I had enough room...

    Any other Stevie Wonder album

    Anything by Steely Dan

    Anything by Mozart

    Anything by Elvis

    What's Goin' On -- Marvin Gaye

    An Evening of Magic... -- Chuck Mangione

    Purple Rain -- Prince

    1999 -- Prince

    The Future -- Leonard Cohen

    Tommy -- The Who

    Wish You Were Here -- Pink Floyd

    Greatest Hits Vols. 1-3 -- Barry Manilow (seriously)

    The Concert for Bangladesh -- George Harrison & Friends

    The Beatles -- The Beatles

    It Takes Two -- Rob Base & DJ Easy Rock

    Paul's Boutique -- Beastie Boys
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    Desert Island Disc? This doesn't get any easier.

    INXS - Shabooh Shoobah(1982)

    If I had a choice of three:

    INXS - Shabooh Shoobah(1982)

    REM - Out of Time(1991)

    JULIE MILLER - Blue Pony(1997)
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    1910 Fruit Gum Company "Best of...2001 Buddah remaster"

    If I were on a desert island, I would like to enjoy myself with large doses of what is viewed as totally mindless, fun music...with a good beat. The best of that is the 1910 Fruit Gum Company. I could listen to "1,2,3 Redlight",

    "Goody Goody Gumdrop", "Indian Giver", "Simple Simon Says"

    ...FOREVER ! And I wouldn't be culturally deprived of The Essence of what Rock and Roll is all about. It's not heavy, and it feels good. And I like the beats! With "Sugar,

    Sugar" would be Heaven...and I wouldn't mind if no one found me.

    Bay City Rollers - "By Request"...10-7-92 Japanese issue

    I just picked this one up, and I have just listened to "Saturday Night" for about 10 times...and I still haven't listened to the other 21 selections. Essential for understanding music. "Shang-A-Lang" is next on my list.

    The Carpenters..."From The Top" 4CD box set

    The long version of "Goodbye To Love" with the extended guitar solo, says it all. Totally written off by the Media Critics as Pap Pop, Karen Carpenter's song styling evokes an understanding of how to sing any type of song. What do Media Critics know anyway ?

    TREX...."Electric Warrior"...the Japanese mini-lp remaster with the UK bonus tracks

    The music virtually EXPLODES and boils out of the speakers, and rips right into your mind and soul. Marc Bolan was another song stylist and lyricist who understood his craft and knew his audience and how to get into your mind !

    The Complete Elvis Costello Song Collection

    Elvis Costello is The Most prolific lyricist and song stylist of the the past two generations. Sadly he is extremely underappreciated. But he doesn't care. His Punk Era songs have an genuine energy that transcends time and space. His sad songs, really reach inside you. Better than ANYTHING the Beatles produced !

    The "Funhouse Sessions" Box Set...Rhinohandmade

    Infectious with an acute understanding of music and what it takes to communicate with one's audience. Written off as a nutjob, Iggy Pop is what Rock and Roll is all about. He couldn't write a hit song to save his life, but that's not what he's about.
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    Oh, this is hard:
    1. Bob Dylan-Highway 61 Revisited-A real toss up for me, since I love Blonde on Blonde, but I think a stronger album. Favorite songs are Like A Rolling Stone, Highway 61 Revisited, Ballad of a Thin Man, and Desolation Row (honestly, there isn't a bad song on the album)
    2. The Velvet Underground-The Velvet Underground & Nico (you know, the banana album?) Proto-punk at it's best. I pick this, even though I think it's not as good as White Light/White Heat, because it has more songs that WLWH which could come in if I had to listen to it over and over. Favorite tracks are Heroin, Waiting for The Man, All Tommorow's Parties, and European Son (to Delmore Schwartz).
    3. Sonic Youth-Daydream Nation-Sonic at it's peak. Favorite tracks are Teenage Riot, Silver Rocket, Providence, and The Trilogy.
    4. The Pixies-Surfer Rosa-The Pixies most inaccesible album, but very rewarding. The odd mixture adds up to a truly hard hitting album. Favorite tracks are Vamos, Bone Machine, Where Is My Mind, and Gigantic.
    5. The Rolling Stones-Sticky Fingers-A great album, every song is entrenched in southern music. The Stones were at their best, at that's saying something. Favorite tracks are Brown Sugar, Can't You Hear Me Knocking?, You Gotta Move, and Moonlight Mile.
    I know, pretty limited in musical scope, but this is personal DIDs, so I'll overlook the complete oversight of blues and jazz.
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    OOOPs !

    Forgot the Bear Family, 32 CD series on Dean Martin.

    This is the man who inspired Elvis's vocal styling, and besides he is immensely talented in the vocal department for those Desert Island nights...alone.
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    Hey, this is fun.
    1) Aerial Boundaries - Michael Hedges - the single greatest music CD of all time, by at least an order of magnitude, IMHO.
    2) Live: 1982 - 1994 - Andreas Vollenweider
    3) The Mask and the Mirror - Lorreena McKennitt
    4) Bach's Brandenburg Concertos - Trevor Pinnock and the English Concert
    5) Northern Exposure 2 - Eastcoast Edition - Sasha and John Digweed
    6) Mozart - Symphonies 40/41 - Christopher Hogwood and the Academy of Ancient Music - gotta go with Phil on this one.
    7) Surfing with the Alien - Joe Satriani
    8) Watching My Life Go By - Michael Hedges - I couldn't survive on a desert island with only one Hedges CD! [​IMG]
    9) Fumbling Towards Ecstasy - Sarah McLachlan
    10) Solid Colors - Liz Story
    Wow, it is hard to just pick 10 favorite CD's! [​IMG]
  11. Andrew 'Ange Hamm' Hamm

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    This is SO HARD to do. OK, here. This is going to take a while.
    1. Joe Jackson & Friends - Heaven and Hell. Probably my favorite piece of music ever, and it took that spot the very first time I listened to it. A totally unique and truly neoclassical song cycle making the most of brilliant vocalists (Brad Roberts, Jane Siberry, Dawn Upshaw, Joy Askew, Suzanne Vega) and soloists (violinists Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg and Mary Rowell, violist Allison Cornell, percussionist Sue Hadjopoulos, bassoonist Judy LeClair), but all centered around Jackson's deft and eclectic songwriting, Heaven and Hell is, IMHO, the most interesting piece of 20th century music since (and maybe including) Stravinsky. Should be a required listen for all serious music fans. My copy is signed by Joe (ha ha).
    2. Cindy Morgan - The Loving Kind. One of the great works of contemporary Christian music, a stirring vision of the passion of Christ. A remarkable achievment of songwriting, with Morgan's unbelievable vocal passion as highlight.
    3. Rich Mullins - A Liturgy, A Legacy, and a Ragamuffin Band. This narrowly beats out Mullins' honorable mentions because of the amazing quartet of "52:10," "The Color Green," Hold Me Jesus," and "Creed" all back-to-back. The best four songs in a row I think I have ever heard on any album except maybe Who's Next. Mullins' unique talent to stretch from intimate and touching to amazingly grand and dramatic is showcased at its best here.
    4. Bruce Cockburn - Dancing in the Dragon's Jaws. The perfect mix of Cockburn's songwriting, lyrics, voice, and guitar skills at their peaks. Not a song is filler, not a verse, not a measure.
    5. The Who - Quadrophenia. This album was a huge influence on me as a teen, and though I don't listen to it a lot these days, every time I do it reminds me why I loved it. It took a mature mid-20s songwriter like Townshend to capture teenage angst the best--just in time to decide it was time to start writing about more grown-up subjects for the rest of his life. Daltrey's best vocals, Entwistle's "The Real Me" line, and Moon's best drumming to boot.
    6. Yes - Close to the Edge. This was a 3-way toss-up (see Honorable Mentions), but Close wins by, well, a close margin. Only three songs, but again every measure is perfect. Maybe the best example of British art-rock's capabilities, but with none of its deficiencies. The title track is just a grand, grand piece of music, but the best work on the album is probably on the closing Siberian Khatru, which features Steve Howe's guitars at their razor-edged best.
    7. Peter Hamm - Turn. You may say "Wow, it's pretty cool that Ange's brother is one of his favorite songwriters." My point is, "Wow, I am blessed to have one of the greatest songwriters I know of as a brother." Peter has been a huge influence on my music, my faith, and my life, mostly without his even knowing it. This album features most of the best songwriting he's done over the past decade, all in gentle acoustic arrangements that draw all the attention to the melody and structure. It's a shame most of you will never hear it.
    8. Peter Gabriel - Security. A perennial fave of mine, and on a par with Heaven and Hell in its originality. Just magnificent use of unusual rhythms and arrangements to complement Gabriel's melodies and lyrics. His best work by a long shot, and that's saying something. Jerry Marotta's drums and Tony Levin's bass work are just stellar.
    9. Sam Phillips - Fan Dance. How Phillips can manage to be so simple yet so far over my head is a mystery to me. It's almost like she's making it up as she goes along, but when the phrase is finished, I say, "Of course! That was the only way that melody could possibly have gone!"
    10. Genesis - Selling England by the Pound. The perfect early Genesis album. Great singing by Gabriel, great guitars by Hackett, great piano work by Banks, and the best drumming of Phil Collins' amazing career is in the solo section of "Cinema Show." May, if you don't think Phil Collins is one of the greatest drummers of any genre ever, you haven't heard this album. Oh yeah, the songwriting is incredible too.
    Honorable Mentions:
    (I realize this list is long, but any of them could have been top 10. Truly.)
    • Rich Mullins - The World As Best As I Can Remember It Vol. I & II, The Jesus Record
    • The Who - Who's Next, The Who Sell Out
    • Bruce Cockburn - Humans, Dart to the Heart
    • Yes - Going for the One, Tales from Topographic Oceans, Talk
    • Charlie Peacock - Kingdom Come
    • King Crimson - Discipline
    • Dr. Octagon - Dr. Octagonecologyst
    • Dream Theater - Images and Words
    • Emerson Lake & Palmer - Brain Salad Surgery
    • Joe Jackson - Night and Day, Night and Day II, Body and Soul, Blaze of Glory, Laughter and Lust
    • The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Revolver, The Beatles
    • Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, Foxtrot
    • Kansas - Somewhere to Elsewhere
    • Pete Townshend - Empty Glass, All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes
    • Sam Phillips - Martinis & Bikinis
    • Wesley Willis - Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 & 2
    • Peter Hamm - Rag, The Vision the Old Bard Saw, Rescue Me
    • T-Bone Burnett - The Talking Animals, Proof Through the Night, The Criminal Under My Own Hat
    • John Hiatt - Bring the Family
    • Steely Dan - Aja
    • Saigon Kick - Water, Devil in the Details
    • Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks - The Complete 2000 Year Old Man
    • DC Talk - Jesus Freak
    OK, I have to stop adding honorable mentions or I'm going to crash the server. I love the way we all approach this as if it's the most important decision we will make in our lives. [​IMG]
    EDIT: I have already edited this like 20 times. It has taken close to 2 hours of my Saturday morning. I am now officially LETTING IT GO. Maybe I'll go play some drums or something.
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    Mine are:
    01)Genesis - Foxtrot
    From the first Mellotron notes of "Watcher Of The Skies" to the spiritual climax of "Supper's Ready", pure perfection.
    02)Marillion - Clutching At Straws
    Incredibly intense, often very depressing lyrics. Nothing moves me like "White Russian".
    "Where do we go from here"
    "I know we have six million reasons"
    "This resurrection we can't allow..."
    03)Metallica - Master Of Puppets
    Great lyrics, and riffs. Their pinnacle IMO.
    04)Cheap Trick - Heaven Tonight
    Great power pop.
    05)The Beatles - Revolver
    From start to finish, my favorite Beatles album.
    06)KISS - Music From The Elder
    KISS tried something different with this one. Most agree it didn't work, but I think it does. I love it.
    07)Queen - Queen II
    Queen's first masterpiece. R.I.P. Freddie!!!
    08)Prince - Purple Rain
    It is a close race between this and Sign "O" The Times . "The Beautiful Ones" gives this one the slight edge for me.
    09)Yes - Close To The Edge
    I agree with what Andrew said about this classic. Plus Chris Squire is the greatest bass player to ever walk the planet.
    10)Blur - The Great Escape
    This is another great power pop album. It always puts me in a good mood.
    Runners up:
    Peter Gabriel - IV (aka Security)
    IQ - Ever
    Arena - Songs From The Lions Cage
    Queensryche - Operation: Mindcrime
    Chris Squire - Fish Out Of Water
    KISS - Destroyer
    Genesis - Nursery Cryme
    U2 - Boy
    Kate Bush - The Sensual World
    Every Beatles album.
  13. Philip Hamm

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  14. MikeAW

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    Bass players, huh ?

    Willie Dixon.

    James Jamerson.
  15. KrisM

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    This is tough.

    Muddy Waters-The Chess Box(if I was only allowed one, this would be it)

    Miles Davis-Kind of Blue

    Tribe Called Quest-Low End Theory or People's Instictive Travels...

    John Coltrane-A Love Supreme - these last three were already mentioned but they are perfect choices in my mind.

    Robert Johnson-The Complete Recordings

    Nick Drake-Pink Moon

    Rolling Stones-Exile On Main Street

    U2-Joshua Tree

    The Tragically Hip-Road Apples

    13 Engines-Perpetual Motion Machine

    Bob Marley-Natty Dread

    The Black Crowes-Southern Harmony And Musical Companion

    Jane's Addiction-Ritual De Lo Habitual

    Hound Dog Taylor and The Houserockers

    And since were living in the year 2002, a mixed disc of Uncle Tupelo, Wilco and Son Volt.

    I'd also bring some Stevie Ray Vaughan, Beatles, Hendrix and AC/DC. Anything from these guys would keep me happy.

  16. Alex Spindler

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    I'm still in a musical exploration phase (working my way through OK Computer and the Stones)
    1. Beck - Odelay
    2. Cibo Matto - Stereotype A
    3. Garbage - 2.0 (self titled not far behind)
    4. Luscious Jackson - Fever In Fever Out
    5. Rolling Stones - Hot Rocks (would replace with individual albums as I get through them)
    6. Rushmore - Soundtrack (perfect, simply perfect collection)
    7. Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream
    8. NIN - Downward Spiral
    What can I say? I'm a product of my generation [​IMG]
  17. Peter Mazur

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    No, I am not kidding about Chris Squire. This is a poll about opinions. I didn't attack any other peoples lists here. I agree that many of the players you mentioned are good musicians, but none IMO come close to the talents of Chris. And I personally can't believe that you consider Steve (every single Maiden bass line is the same) Harris to be a better player than Squire. Wow!!!
  18. Philip Hamm

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    Ok you may have me on Steve Harris, [​IMG] though I really do like his playing.
    For the record, writing that
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    I thought this was supposed to be a thread about DIDs? For the record, I'd disagree with Philip in his assertion that the symantics of the Chris Squire statement have any difference. The "In my opinion" that could preface "Chris Squire is the greatest" is implied by the fact that we are stating opinions. It is unnecessary to implicitly include "I think" as we are all thinking and putting our thoughts down in the message.

    Steve Harris is the best galloping bass player.

    Top ten DIDs (in my opinion I think):

    Captain Beyond - Captain Beyond

    Boston - Don't Look Back

    Heart - Little Queen

    October Project - October Project

    Jethro Tull - 20 Years of Jethro Tull

    Yes - Tales From Topographic Oceans

    Max Webster - A Million Vacations

    Styx - Equinox

    Rush - Moving Pictures

    Gordon Lightfoot - The Original Lightfoot

    Almost made its...

    Vangelis - Albedo 0.39

    Tangerine Dream - Stratosphere

    Black Sabbath - Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath

    Anne Murray - What About Me

    Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells

    Robin Trower - Twice Removed From Yesterday

    Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here

    Catherine Wheel - Chrome

    Eloy - Floating

    Hawkwind - Warrior On The Edge Of Time

    Marillion - Misplaced Childhood

    Deep Purple - Burn

    Motorhead - Ace Of Spades

    The Beach Boys - Endless Summer
  20. Seth Paxton

    Seth Paxton Lead Actor

    Nov 5, 1998
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    Albums that I could listen to again and again for days on end...

    Weezer - blue

    ELO - New World Record

    Queen - The Game

    Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here

    Police - Zenyatta Mendatta

    Clash - London Calling (or Story of if I can have a Best of)

    Zeppelin - III, Physical Grafitti

    Beatles - White, Magical Mystery Tour

    Hendrix - Are You Experienced?

    Alice in Chains - Jar of Flies

    U2 - Achtung Baby, Unforgettable Fire

    Def Leppard - Pyromania

    some other best of's I would like to take

    Stones - Hot Rocks, Rewind (I couldn't limit myself to just a few Stones albums)

    Bowie - Changesbowie (same here)

    Kiss - Double Platnum

    Ulmer reminded me of some close alternate choices

    Boston - Boston

    Rush - Moving Pictures

    Black Sabbath - Paranoid

    Prince - 1999

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