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Denver area HT meet - any interest?

Discussion in 'Home Theater Forum Meets' started by Colin Dunn, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. Colin Dunn

    Colin Dunn Supporting Actor

    Oct 10, 1998
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    Indianapolis, IN
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    Colin Dunn

    After 10 years away in Austin, I am back in the Denver area. Weather is nicer, but I unfortunately don't have as HT-friendly of digs. Goodbye dedicated 17x26 theater room, hello 15x18 family room with poor light control. :(


    Things seem to have changed a lot around here since 2000. Ultimate Electronics has gone more mass-fi with their offerings. High-end audio equipment has been displaced by game room furniture and kitchen appliances. Haven't been back to ListenUp, Cherry Creek Audio, or other high-end specialty stores yet.


    Any HT meet activity been going on? Any interest in a meet sometime this fall?
  2. mike_frontier

    mike_frontier Supporting Actor

    Nov 18, 2002
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    Colin - Hey man, no hard feelings as it seems that Denver has no love about getting a HT meet together.

    Just like Austin is now :(

    I wonder what happen to all the Austin folks. It was such a cool group that just vanished on one Saturday morning. It must have been snowing in July here when it happened too . LoL!!

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