Denon vs B&K vs Anthem

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Dave Moritz, Mar 26, 2002.

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    Dave Moritz
    Am in the market for a updated receiver and am hoping for some feed back before I jump in with both feet. I currently am looking to upgrade from my Yamaha RV-X995 to a Denon 5800 or 5802 or a B&K 5800. Now I read about the Anthem AVM20 which price wise is in line with the B&K. I have demoed the Denon and it sounds great. What do you think? Should I upgrade quality and update to 6.1 DTS and more inputes which I could use. Or keep the Yamaha I have and add some good power amps to the receiver? My receiver sounds good thru my Altec Voice of the Theater speakers. They sounded beter with the McIntosh MX-130 that unfortunatly was traded in to have DTS and even junky DD capability. Would like all of your input, thanks.
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    Hi Dave,

    I'm pretty new to audio/HT, so please consider this in reading my comments. I recently auditioned the B&K307 and the Denon 5800 for two weeks each. I took each unit home with the intention of keeping them but they both fell short, to my ears, in my HT setup. While both units are great, I much preferred the sound of the B&K. For my HT setup, and in my listening room with my speakers, it handled bass management better than the Denon unit (again to my ears).

    Having said all that, after auditioning both excellent receivers, I decided to go the separates route. I have now picked up a Rotel 1095 and am waiting for an Outlaw 950 to go with it. If I don't like the Outlaw, an Anthem AVM-20 will be in my future. This is the strategy I've decided upon after months of reading and posting on this very helpful forum.


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