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Jan 12, 2011
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[COLOR= black]Hi all, [/COLOR]

[COLOR= black]I am VERY CONFUSED after researching the market for some time now and the more I look the more confused I get and would really appreciate some sound advice. [/COLOR]

[COLOR= black]I am in the market for a complete home theatre (AVR & speaker package) for which I will use for music, movies, iPod & PS3. I have narrowed down my choices to 3 possible AVR’s [/COLOR]

[COLOR= black]- Denon 1911 or 2311[/COLOR]

[COLOR= black]- Harman Kardon 255 / 360[/COLOR]

[COLOR= black]- Onkyo TXSR608[/COLOR]

[COLOR= black]I am leaning towards Denon & HK mainly due to a lot of complaints about the TXSR608 lagging / freezing when switching between HDMI inputs (i.e. TV to Movie or PS3). [/COLOR]

[COLOR= black]So it’s really between the Denon & HK, which do you recommend and what model…? [/COLOR]

[COLOR= black]My next issue is the speaker package the Denon is being sold with Definitive Technology speakers as follows:[/COLOR]

[COLOR= black]AVR – 1911[/COLOR]

[COLOR= black]AVR - 2311[/COLOR]

[COLOR= black]BP6B Floor Standing x 2 (175 Watts 4-8 ohms)[/COLOR]

[COLOR= black]BP7006 Floor Standing x 2 (250 watts & 300 watts Suds in-built)[/COLOR]

[COLOR= black]Pro Centre 1000 x 1 (200 watts 8 ohms)[/COLOR]

[COLOR= black]Pro Centre 1000 x 1 (200 watts 8 ohms)[/COLOR]

[COLOR= black]Pro Monitor 800 x 2 (150 watts 8 ohms)[/COLOR]

[COLOR= black]Pro Monitor 1000 x 2 (200 watts 8 ohms)[/COLOR]

[COLOR= black]Pro Sub 800 (300 watts)[/COLOR]

[COLOR= black]None [/COLOR]

[COLOR= black]USD 1,685[/COLOR]

[COLOR= black]USD 2,175[/COLOR]

[COLOR= black]Harman Kardon is being sold as with is own speakers [/COLOR]

[COLOR= black]AVR – 255 with HKTS-11[/COLOR]

[COLOR= black]AVR – 360 with HKTS-60[/COLOR]

[COLOR= black]Satellite Speakers x 4 (120 watts rms 8 ohms)[/COLOR]

[COLOR= black]Satellite Speakers x 4 (120 watts rms 8 ohms)[/COLOR]

[COLOR= black]Centre x 1 (8 ohms)[/COLOR]

[COLOR= black]Centre x 1 (8 ohms)[/COLOR]

Subwoofer 200 watts 10 inches woofer

Subwoofer 200 watts 8 inches woofer

[COLOR= black]USD 1,360[/COLOR]

[COLOR= black]USD 2,175[/COLOR]

Do you recommend these setups or should I get the speaker package separately and if so what do you recommend?

Any help you can provide would appreciated.


David Willow

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Jan 23, 2004
Mechanicsburg, PA
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For close to the same price you could get better* speakers online.

Get the Denon 1911 and check out this package for example. Add a sub and you are set.

*Speakers are a personal choice. What is better to me may not be better to you. Best thing to do is listen. Go to the stores and don't be afraid to order from online only companies (you get a free trial).

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