Denon DVD-2930 some questions

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by John H Ross, Jul 14, 2007.

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    Okay, I'm looking for a good upscaling player to replace my Denon DVD-2900 and, having tried an Oppo 981 and been somewhat disappointed, I'm looking to get a Denon DVD-2930. I wonder if somebody could give me some honest answers to the following questions:

    1. How does the 2930 compare to the 2900 with regards to the layer change? Both players have an 8mb buffer, am I correct in assuming that the layer change on the 2930 is absolutely invisible like the 2900?

    2. How picky is the 2930 with "cheap" discs? My 2900 doesn't seem to want to play bargain priced R2 discs released by, for example, the "Cinema Club" label. I have to make copies of those discs and play the copies which, bizarelly, are flawless!

    3. How quiet is the 2930? The 2900 tends tends to vibrate loudly with some discs. Does the 2930 also vibrate loudly?

    4. I've read about random disc freezes etc with the 2930. Is this a serious problem? Is this likely to suffer the same kind of "laser failure" that plagues other Denon machines?

    5. Even more specifically, has anybody tried the 2930 with the recent R1 James Bond Ultimate Edition DVDs? My 2900 freezes a couple of times during Moonraker and Octopussy (I know some other players that do as well so it's at least partially a disc fault). How does the 2930 cope?

    I'd appreciate any advice - thanks!

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    Paul Tilburgs

    can't answer all your questions, as I never had a 2900, but I can tell you this much :

    1) I haven't noticed a single layer change so far (I bought mine on march 6 2007)
    2) All DVDs I tried so far (quite a few) all play fine. Don't own anything from the "Cinema Club" label, though
    3) the 2930 is very quiet
    4) I have not experienced any disc freezes
    5) no problems at all with the R1 James Bond Ultimate Edtion DVDs

    Hope this helps,

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