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Denon DVD-2200 ( DVD-R/CDR-R) ISSUES (1 Viewer)

Feb 10, 2004
I purchased a refurbished unit a couple of weeks from e-cost. At a price of under $300 for the unit I thought it was a great buy. The unit however will not play 90% of my DVD-R's and the other day it would'nt even load and play my CD-R's. The next day it was able to play the same CR-R's. It still will not play my DVD-R's. On store bought DVD and CD's it seems to play them with no problem. I could live with the unit not able to play DVD-R's because my older Apex player will play everything and I would use that for the DVD-R's. With 95% of my music being CD-R's, I wanted to use the 2200 for music also. I'm probably going to return the unit. Has anyone who owns the 2200 have had these issues. Does anyone have a recomendation for a good universal player that will definately play everything? Thanks.


Jan 17, 2004
First of all, visit 'videohelp' forums and do a little searching--Denon 2200. You'll find tables and reviews of players' compatibility with media/burners etc. Also take a look at ecoustics forums in the amps section. There is a long thread titled Denon 2200, compatibility problems discussed near the end. Sorry I can't post links yet.

I've spoken with Denon Rep. about this problem. He sent me the 'Aliens' firmware upgrade for the player and told me to try Verbatim 'clear' not colored DVD discs.

The short of it is the Denon is particular about DVD +/- media. I've had poor luck with Memorex +R 4X, and Imation -R 4X; lots of freezing and stuttering.

I've had very good luck with Verbatim +R 4X Digital movie, and Samsung -R 4X (DGR47410SJ); no coasters at all with these, but they are a little pricey. I bought a # of different brands of discs and I'm still experimenting. Your burner will make a difference too, so I'm told. With the right discs, however, player works exceptionally well on Home Dvd's.

All the universal players have this problem to some degree, ironically the more $ the model the more picky it seems to be.

I went the Apex route too, 1110WM, but it broke after only a week! We are now trying the Philips DVP 642--plays everything sans SACD and DVD-Audio, but the picture is noticably inferior to the Denon.

Good luck,


Jul 2, 2003
I had shitty luck with Memorex 4X -R media as well, that worked perfectly on my Pioneer players and countless others. And it's a DVD I authored too so I got pretty pissed when I had to bring back my old player just to watch it.

If you can't post links yet, you can always chop it up and get away with it that way...try h t t p...etc...

If you want a play anything (except PAL seemingly) universal, get a Pioneer Elite. The only real problem with it is bass management. The Denon 2200 sounds better, but its fair share of problems are starting to add up.

James W. Johnson

May 26, 2001
I have not had any problems but then again I don't have a single DVD-R and I don't use it for CD duty.

It is a little disappointing that it has these issues though but at the same time I dont really care because for me the positives of this player far outweight these shortcomings.

I do worry my player will develope the vibration problem some others have complained about.

Here is that link to the Ecoustics 2200 thread,

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