Denon DVD-1200 vs. Yamaha DVD-CX1

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by shaneT, Aug 14, 2003.

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    Today the first shipment of Denon dvd-1200's came in.
    I went to the store to pick mine up and ask a few questions.
    The salesman brought to my attention the Yamaha CX1.
    The Yamaha was originally $1300 marked to $999. It is currently on sale (closeout probably) for $499. I also have a preferred customer card good for 10%

    that makes the cx1 about $450+tax.
    the Denon unit was $429, given to me for $399 (i can get the 10% retroactively on that also.)

    The yamaha unit weighs in at 27 lbs and looks to be of good build quality. The salesman made me feel like the yamaha was leaps and bounds better than the Denon unit and that I would be silly to even take the Denon home with me.

    Both units are DVD-a capable.

    I read the Secrets ( ) page and the yamaha recieved ( i believe) an 82. I purchased the dvd-1200 based on the reputation of the dvd-1600 which recieved the highest score (i believe 91). Any suggestions?
    Will I notice a difference in the quality?
    Is the cx1 a smoking deal?
    is the 27lb unit that much better than the 5 lb unit.

    I realize that the dvd-1200 is brand new and there is NO information out there right now, but the impression that i got from the Secrets page is that price isn't very indicitave of quality in DVD players.

    All opinions are appreciated.

    Thank you,
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    Well from what I know is that the 1200 replaces the 1600 with the addition, of coax capabilty, can read jpeg/kodak things and has a 12-bit decoder on the progressive side. Still uses FLI2200. I'm still thinking about this unit myself or the Philps 963SA but I'm stil waiting for another dvd shootout which cna probably help me out.

    I wonder if Denon will release a a dvd unit with FLI2310 which will be great!

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