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Denon AVR-X3300W not passing 4K and other issues (1 Viewer)


May 21, 2017
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Brett Savenkoff
Hello, I just "upgraded" this from a 4520ci specifically for the 4K hdmi 2.2 functionality, as I've been running my 4K source directly to my TV and then piggybacking the audio back to the receiver by selecting the audio system speakers from the TV menu.

While it worked, and the audio capabilities of the 4520ci were extremely impressive, I just want the receiver to do what it's supposed to do.

So I sold the 4520ci and purchased the much newer 3300W, and now I've having several problems with it in my first week.

Problem 1:
I have all high-speed HDMI cables made for 4K. But none of the inputs and passing 4K through to my TV (Sony XBR). The menu system on this Denon is pretty sparse for customization and without diving into the manual it just seems like it shouldn't even be an option to select if it's going to do what it's stamped to do.

Problem 2:
When running any signal through the TV now so I at least get my 4K viewing experience I've spent so much money on, no audio comes with the picture. It says on the front panel of the AVR-X3300W that it's running TV Audio, or with this model at the moment says MCh Stereo TV, as I'm trying to play music from my PC while I write this.

Problem 3:
I'm not sure if it's just this particular Shaw Arris cable box in this particular room, but the screen and audio will constantly disappear and re-appear when watching TV with it, through the receiver.

Did I get a complete LEMON or is there a very easy fix for all this?

Scott Merryfield

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Dec 16, 1998
Mich. & S. Carolina
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Scott Merryfield
I own the same Denon X3300 receiver, and am having no issues with passing 4K signals from a Sony X800 UHD player and Roku Ultra streaming box to a Vizio M70-D3 4K display. A few suggestions:

  1. Make sure your HDMI cables are actually certified for 4K -- just being high speed is not enough. The cables should have a certification label on the packaging. I am using the certified premium cables from Monoprice in 3ft. and 12ft. lengths. There are inexpensive and work perfectly.
  2. I did not need to change many of the video settings on the Denon. I do have the I/P Scaler setting OFF and Video Conversion ON -- you need this latter setting on if you want the on screen display overlay to work properly. I also have HDMI Pass Through OFF, as I did not need that feature. I left the resolution setting at its default of AUTO.
  3. I am not using CEC, and ended up shutting off ARC as well, as I was getting audio and video dropouts from the Vudu app on the Vizio display, although having ARC on did not seem to affect anything else. I don't really use the streaming apps on the Vizio much anyway, preferring to use my Roku Ultra. I just ran a digital optical cable from the display to the receiver for the occasional use of these apps.
There may be some settings on your Sony display that are causing the issue. I did not need to change anything on my Vizio, though.

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