Denon AVR 5803 Receiver Problem

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by VinnieR, Oct 28, 2003.

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    My Denon AVR-5803 Receiver has a problem that I have never experienced with any other electronic device in my life--it sometimes refuses to turn on. After it has been off overnight and I attempt to turn it on the next morning, about half the time neither the front panel button or the remote control will turn it on. It just sits there taking a break. The other half of the time it works normally, turning on from the front panel or the remote. When this happens, the only fix is to unplug it from the wall and plug it back in. Reminds me of the way we used to reboot a computer years ago. Of course a modern AV receiver is first cousin to a computer.

    I contacted Denon and they said it needed to be reprogrammed with a firmware update and that this could only be done in their California facility. (Too bad, since one of Denon's regional repair facilities is right here in my town.) So I shipped if off ($164 UPS with the insurance) to California. A month and two days later I got it back. They said they updated the software and checked it out and everything was working perfectly. If you guessed that it still has the same problem, you are ready to go on Jeapordy.

    I've resigned myself to unplugging the little devil about every other morning, but I'd rather not. Would rather not ship the thing back to them again at great expense and at the loss of its use for another month only to have them not fix it again.

    Anyone else have the same problem and, if so, how did you get it fixed?
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    I have never experienced a problem like this with any of my receivers. As far as customer service goes, Denon should definately accomodate you in some way.

    I am not clear on the warranty of a Denon receiver. My Marantz is for 3 years. Although your product may be under warranty and only covers return shipping, parts and labor; I would strongly recommend calling them back and complaining that it should not cost you over $100 to ship to them everytime. Especially if the first repair did not fix the original problem.

    The problem that you are experiencing is not in any way normal. Are you using a surge protector? In my opinion, they should at the very lease offer you a pre-paid airbill (shipping label) for you to use in sending your receiver back for re-repair. Maybe a factory refurbished receiver as a last resort?

    Good Luck
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