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Denon AVR-4800/bass with DTS soundtracks (1 Viewer)

Andy Bell

Stunt Coordinator
Sep 29, 2000
Hope someone can answer this for me.

I have read many dvd reviews from Widescreen Review,and in nearly every case where there is a Dolby Digital and DTS soundtrack they will say the bass is better with the DTS track.

Whenever I compare the two on a particular movie,the Dolby track always seems to give me much more bass than the DTS track. Needless to say, this has me confused and I am wondering if there is something I need to adjust in the setup of my Denon AVR-4800 receiver?

Anyone got an idea?

Thanks for any assistance.


Second Unit
Feb 21, 2002
I use an NAD T751 right now as a pre/pro. This is the first pre/pro or receiver I have owned where I have noticed the same thing as you. I really, really believe a lot of the differences heard between DD and DTS lie in the decoding end- not just the encoding and mastering ends- including LFE level.

It seems to me that my NAD really rolls off mid-range and upper range bass in DTS mode compared to DD. So in many cases, the DD soundtrack has more bass, albeit in the mid and upper bass frequencies. The DTS track in contrast seems to have a signifigant greater level of thump way down low on DVD's that go into the sub-basement. A good example is the movie Cast Away. In the scene where Hanks rides his raft off the island, the DD version really rumbles all the way through his escape, with a pretty good peak at the last wave crash. The DTS version in contrast rumbles a lot less in the buildup to the final wave crash, but really thumps a LOT harder and lower on that final wave crash.

So, which do I prefer? It is hard to say- it really depends on the movie. The differences between both formats to my ears are so subtle its not worth really getting worked up over. The bass roll-off of upper frequencies with my NAD is the biggest difference between the two formats that I can currently detect.

Just my thoughts

Andrew B.

Lewis Besze

Senior HTF Member
Jul 28, 1999
Check the LFE pad setting.

On the Denon it should read 0db

This is only accessible by the on screen menu,and it's not the same as the "SW"output level.

While you playing a DTS encoded program press the "display/surr parameter" button,on the screen[make sure you have connection to the tv from receiver.Componenet video doesn't pass OSD from receivers]you'll see the following: Cinema EQ,Dynamic comp,LFE,and Tone [bass,treble on the next window].

If next to the LFE there is a negative number say -10db then there's your problem lays.

Change it to it's maximum setting which is 0 at least on all the Denons I've encountered so far it is.

Good Luck!

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