Denon AVD-2000 DD Decoder (Broken)

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    May 15, 2001
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    I've got a Denon AVD-2000 DD Decoder for sale that no longer 'decodes' surround, subwoofer, or center channel signals. I'm not sure exactly what is wrong with it, it just stopped doing it's thing a while back. I opened it up and it has a bunch of fuses inside of it. They all looked ok to me. I have done no testing on it whatsoever. It stopped working, I got a new receiver, it went to the garage.
    Maybe someome out there with a little electronics knowledge can figure it out. Here are some specs:
    Dolby Digital (AC-3) processor • For use with any A/V component with 6 channel inputs (Dolby Digital Ready) • DDSC Digital • Dolby Pro Logic decoding in digital domain • AC-3 RF input for laser disc • 2 optical digital inputs, 2 coaxial digital inputs • Personal Memory Plus • 5 channel stereo • 6 channel inputs for external processor; can be used when AVD-2000 is connected between existing A/V processor and power amplifiers in a separates system • IS remote control • Master volume control • Cinema EQ
    How's about $40.00, including shipping?
    (BTW, I don't know if it's not decoding anymore or if it just doesn't output the signals anymore..dunno)
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    Still have this?


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