denon 5900 w/ which rec?

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by John Avanti, Jan 18, 2004.

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    I am thinking about the denon 5900, I need some advise on the receiver , I would like to stick with denon, would the 4802 be a good choice, or can I get away with a lower model? and I would like to take advantage of the dvi, can I take advantage of that with the 4802 as well as some of the lower models, I'm told the dvi is very good, the distance the cable has to travel is about 23 feet from the Proj to the dvd player. Thanks for any input[​IMG]

    John Avanti
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    Your decision about receiver should be based on your room size and speakers. I am assuming that since you have a projector that you have a big room. The 4802R should be sufficient. But you might consider the 5803 because it has the Denon Link for between the 5900 and the 5803.

    If you don't want that expensive of a receiver you might get a 3803 (or wait for the 3805 in a couple of months with Denon Link). The 3803 will not have the power you want, but the processing is very similar to the 5803. You could pair the 3803/5 with some external amps for a similar price as the 5803.
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    John: It helps forum members to know the following things so you can get better answers:

    * Are you buying the 5900 for its video capabilities or its high-resolution audio capabilities (you're paying a lot of extra $$$ for these alone)?

    * If you do use that Denon Link between the 5900 and a compatible Denon receiver, make sure the receiver has proper bass management that works for your type of speaker system. Supposedly the 5900 has full/proper b.m. for sacd and dvd-audio but I don't know if any Denon receivers have this same quality of b.m. themselves.

    * How loud do you listen to your music/movies?

    * What size of speakers will be driven by the receiver?

    * Do you care about having a multitude of sound processing features?

    * Do you have more than one DVI source so you would need a receiver that has DVI switching capabilities?


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