Denon 5803 direct in vs. Denon 1600 digital out

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  1. Sammy Sams

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    Sep 14, 2002
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    I have a Denon 5803 with a denon 1600 dvd player. What would give me the best sound. The digital out on the dvd or the the 6 analog outs from dvd player to direct in on receiver? could someone exlplain how one is better sound over the other? Thanks, Sammy
  2. Alex Yang

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    Jan 7, 1999
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    You are the ONE person who can answer that question for yourself! [​IMG]
    You have both pieces, try it out and see for yourself which one sounds better to you... Asking opinions like these will later only average out to be about 50/50 either way, leaving you right back where you started... [​IMG]
    I'm only saying this because I've been there and done that and truthfully by the time you've sorted through all the different opinions you could have already tested and re-tested BOTH connections more than a few times over...
    Either way good luck...
    BTW, Just my two cents, but I tend to still like my TWO channel audio better, so my vote for Digital out going into the 5803 using PURE DIRECT mode... (I too have the 5803 and that's how I like it... ) Enjoy!!! [​IMG]

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