Denon 5803, Denon 2900 & Mitsubishi HSHD2000U

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by bill*C, Jul 22, 2005.

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    This is my first posting here, and am really glad I found this forum. My media room is my respite from every week travel, and there never seems to be enough time trouble shoot every possible connecction type and hookup, so your help would be greatly appreciated.

    I've got a Panasonic TH-50PHW3 Plasma which I've been feeding from my Denon 5803 since I did the orginal configuration and installation. A friend of mine said I'm not taking full advantage of the HD capabilites of the Plasma through the 5803 (upconvert or pass-through). My other components are a Denon 2900 and Mitsubishi HSHD2000U.

    I've studied the manuals till I fell asleep for all three components and am stumped by a couple of things:

    The Plasma has no DVI or HDMI input, and the 5803 has no input/output for the same. The 2900, has no DVI or HDMI output either for a direct feed to the Plasma. The Mitsubishi on the other hand only has an ieee output, and when I try and play a DVHS tape, it says a ieee connection is required.

    The one thing the components all have in common is S-Video, digital audio, and the 2900 has composite which is what I've been feeding to the 5803.

    The Panasonic, besides component/RGB and S-Video has PC IN, Tuner IN and Serial connections and that's it.

    I also feed the 5803 with a Direct TV Tivo and Hughes HD satelite feed.

    What can I do from a connection standpoint to get the DVHS working, and a digital feed to the Plasma from the other components.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Can't comment on the DVHS.

    Concerning the 2900 and a digital feed to your plasma...your out of luck. Time to sell the 2900 and get a 2910 I guess (which supports HDMI and DVI). Best you can do at the mement is component video from the 2900 to your plasma or through your 5803.

    Dan...still hanging onto 2900...
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    JVC D-VHS decks have Componet Outputs. Or, I wonder if some of the set-top, OTA boxes with ieee inputs would convert the Mitsu's signal to component...? Maybe? Seems like you're gonna have to buy something to get D-VHS to work right...

    You should try the HD Recorders section at

    ...on this. I have D-VHS but only JVC decks, so far. There's alot of D-VHS knowledge at AVS.
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    The Mitsubishi HS-HD2000U does not have an MPEG decoder and requires a separate device with an MPEG decoder and IEEE1394 input to playback D-VHS tapes. I use the Samsung SIR-T165 which has component and DVI output, there are a few other STBs and several monitors that would work as well.

  5. Tony Kwong

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    If you dont have any other sources for HD with a 1394 iLink Firewire port the Mitsubishi DVHS is pretty useless unless you plan on playing a lot of old tapes.

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