Denon 5800 and component video connection??

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    How do you connect two DVD players, via component connection, to the Sony 51HW40. Right now, I'm in the process of finishing my basement and I've run the component connection in the wall. I'll have one end that leads to my DVD players and receiver while the other end leads to the Sony TV. Apparently, the 51HW40 allows for two component connections but I'm confused. How do I lead my two DVD players component video connections back to the Sony when I've only got one set of component video cables running inwall. Does this mean that I need to run two of them? Or, can I loop through the Denon in order to connect the two DVD players which then leads back to the TV via the in wall component video cables. Is this correct?

    The Denon 5800 has componet in for DVD, TV, and DBS/SAT. Does this mean that I can connect one DVD player to the DVD in and another to TV and then come from the MONITOR component out of the Denon back to the TV component in via the in wall component cables. I'm confused...can someone please explain this to me...thanks.
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    Hook up your DVD players to the 5800 wih component cables via DVD and v.Aux. Then hook your TV up to the 5800s monitor out via component. Thats it...
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    I have the following High Defination/Progressive Scan equipment hooked up to the Denon-5800 for component switching:
    • Sony HD-100 Satellite Receiver - Denon-5800 DBS/SAT Component In
    • RP-91 DVD Player - Denon-5800 TV Component In
    • Sony-9000 DVD Player - Denon-5800 DVD Component In
    • Denon-5800 Monitor Component Out - Elite Pro-710 Component In
    Everything works fine without any lost of digital signal. I've been playing around with different configurations but this one works just fine.

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