Denon 3803 Vs Marantz 7300ose

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by BarOr, May 8, 2004.

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    Apr 18, 2004
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    In your opinion what should i buy the refurb Denon for 530$
    (www+ecost+com/ecost/shop/detail+asp?DPNo=132913) or Marantz 7300ose for 770$(accessories4less+com) ?.
    The 3803 has 7.1 while the 7300ose has 6.1(that doesn't bother me much) , but with the 7300ose you update your receiver from the internet (by RS-232) plus it look better.
    What do you think?

    + instead .
  2. John Garcia

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    The OSE is discontinued, and the likelihood of there being any significant updates released for it are very slim. In terms of amplification, I'd give the OSE a slight edge, as it has a very nice power supply. In terms of music, I'd give the OSE the nod as well, which is why I am a fan of Marantz. For HT, the Denon has more options and I'd give it a slight advantage. In terms of build quality, the copper clad, double bottom chassis, gold plated in/outputs, remote, etc... are superior with the OSE. The OSE has outputs to be run in a 7.1 setup with external amplification.

    If you want to save $$, the 3803 should work just fine, though I have never dealt with ecost. I HAVE purchased from AC4L, and I can say I have not had problems with them or the gear ordered from them. If you want the better of the two, IMO, the OSE is it.
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    Jul 10, 2002
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    I wondered the same thing a few years ago, I demoed a 3802 vs a Marantz sr8000, to me the lack of pro logic2 wasn't a deal breaker as I feel the marantz in pro-logic was good enough but in music listening it was oh so sweet. I now have a 7300ose, moved the 8000 to the bedroom. I upgraded my speakers to Von Schweikert LCR15s 3 fronts with the 7300ose and their sub the vr-s1, and 2 lcr15 with the 8000 in the bedroom. This is a great pairing and the sound from each is what I was looking for as there is no drop off from room to room. The Marantz to me are better sounding than Denon.

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