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Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Eric Tobias, Jan 30, 2004.

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    I was working tonight on setting up my 3803 with Def Tech 2002's in the front. My 4 side/rears are also Def Tech in the ceiling, all 5.25" drivers for a 7 channel system. I also hooked a new Denon 2900 for the first time. All this stuff has been in my game room for 2 months while my TV was in the shop. Talk about Frustrating!!!. Now I can finally start playing/tweeking again.

    Here are my questions:

    I have the front mains set to large since the subs are built in. Do I need to set a crossover for the front/rears and if so what?

    How do I set it for 6/7 channel?

    Any other tips/pointers?

    I was trying out Pearl Harbor and the attach scene sounded pretty good and seamless. Any advice is appreciated.

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    Eric: You didn't mention the freq specs of your center and rear speakers but I would think they would work better as Small with the crossover set high enough to accomodate the weakest bass reproducer of the bunch. This gives you the potential of lower system distortion by sending the bass frequencies of smaller speakers to the speakers that are more capable of properly reproducing that bass. No precious receiver power wasted trying to coax bass from a speaker that has a tough time doing it...

    With powered towers, you can set them as Large and the sub to Off. Or, most powered towers can also except a subwoofer input, along with the regular speaker wiring. Either way has it's fans. Other with experience in this can provide better advice here than me (never had any powered towers.)

    If you are wanting to run as 7.1, you want to run the rear center speakers from the Surround Back speaker connections and the side surrounds (what I call the regular surrounds) from the A surround speaker connections (no need to activate the B surrounds at all in this scenario.) The actual setup of these speakers is accomplished via the main setup menu. (BTW, when you go through the main setup menu, go through all of it. You may not need to change some settings but you should at least be familiar with everything should you need to use/change something in the future.)

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