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May 25, 2003
What do you recommend for speakers to match up with the 3803. I heard the denon is a little on the warm side so would I be better off with brighter speakers? What do you guys use with your 3803's? I am currently looking at matching my denon with B&W 602s3.

Jamey F

Stunt Coordinator
Dec 20, 2002
They should be a nice match. The B&W's sounded a bit muddled in the midrange to me, but they are a good speaker for the money. I have a set of Paradigm Studio 100's, 20's, and CC powered by a Denon 3803. I like those better than the 6xx series from B&W. Past the 6xx series, I couldn't afford them so I didn't spend serious listening time. As I remember the B&W's were more neutral than the Paradigm's, but I ended up getting mini-monitors because of price. When I upgraded, a local Paradigm dealer gave me a deal I couldn't turn down.

I've used the 20's and now the 100's up front. I wouldn't characterize the Denon 3803 as a warm sounding receiver. I would say it's fairly neutral with great detail making it lean to bright. The Paradigm Studios are open and forward sounding, so I have a slightly bright, forward sounding system. Things are getting more neutral as my speakers break in, but I think I'll still end up being just on the bright side of neutral (as hoped) when all things are considered.

I don't belive your speakers should be choosen to compensate for your receiver. Instead, I would recommend finding the speakers that you enjoy. They will be the most influential part of your system as to how it sounds. You should make a speaker purchase assuming they will last longer than your receiver, even if they don't. Listen to several brands to find out what sounds good to you. With the detail and processing of the 3803, I would think it would sound great matched with all but the brightest of speakers.

Andrew Pezzo

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Mar 17, 2003
I have a pair of Def Tech BP2006TL's witm my 3803, sounds great. Also had a pair of Energy C-7's connected to it which also sounded great. IMO the C-7's were better for music but the Def Tech's blow them away for movies.

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