Denon 3802 crossover question

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  1. EugeneM

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    Dec 5, 2001
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    This is my current setup:

    2 Kef Q75 as mains


    Cabinet Design - 3-way, 3-driver + ABR bass reflex

    Crossover frequencies - 120Hz, 3.3kHz

    Frequency Responce +/-* 3dB - 36Hz - 20kHz (at 15 degrees gorizontally off axis)

    LF Corner - 6dB - 33Hz

    Sensitivity - 2.83v @ 1m - 91dB

    Maximum output - typical in room - 114dB

    Amplifier requirements - 10-200W

    Impedance - 6ohms

    1 Q95C as center (85Hz - 20kHz), 2 Q15 as surrounds (50 Hz - 20Khz)

    There is also home-made sub that will be replaced with another one, didn't make

    a decision on this one yet.

    This is driven by Technics SA-AX6(receiver) / AC-500D (DD/DTS decoder) combo.

    I mostly watch DVDs, player is Pioneer DV-440, connected to AC-500D through

    coax digital out. DV-440 doesn't have built-in DD/DTS decoder.

    I know my speakers will benefit from the better receiver, but 3 yrs ago only

    other option was Yamaha A1( ? model #), and it was way too expensive.

    Now I am considering replacing Technics combo with Denon 3802.

    In my search I found a post saying that 3802 crossover frequencies are not very

    useful - 80, 100, 120 Hz ( 4802 adds 40 and 60 Hz to this list)

    Now look at the specs of my speakers - mains go down to 36 Hz, surrounds -

    down to 50 (center doesnt go far down thou). The lowest possible crossover

    frequency on 3802 is 80 - way above 36 and quite above 50. Does it mean that

    3802 is not good enough for my speakers? I can't believe this is the case.

    A lot of people seem to have speakers of similar or better quality and give

    qood reviews for 3802

    4802 is about $1000 more, it costs as much as all my speakers together, and

    I dont think this is a proper price ratio (if that logic makes any sence at all. I mean

    you wouldn't drive $500 speakers with $1000 receiver, right?)

    I must be missing something.

    Please explain where I am wrong.
  2. EugeneM

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    Dec 5, 2001
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    Mark, please explain how to connect ICBM to 3802 to my DVD player. From my point of view - there is no way.

    My phone call to Outlaw just confirmed it. Their tech

    support guy seemed knowledgeable.
  3. jeff lam

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    If you're running a sub, you won't need to go that low with the main's anyway. This will give you much better midrange clarity. 80Hz is fine.
  4. Scott Merryfield

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    Dec 16, 1998
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    From my research, both the Denon 3802 and 4802 force you to set the same crossover frequency for all channels -- mains, surrounds and center. Since your center speaker only goes down to 85Hz, you will need to set the crossover frequency to 100Hz, regardless of whether you use a 3802 or 4802. You could try an 80Hz crossover, as the rolloff from 85Hz on the center channel may not be noticable (listen and let your ears be the judge).

    I have a similar dilemma with my B&W 600 Series setup. I would like to set the crossover for the mains to either 40 or 60Hz, the surrounds to 60Hz and the center to 60 or 80Hz. I am considering upgrading my 3-year old Sony 50ES receiver, but have not found a receiver with the bass management I'm looking for.

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