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Denon 2900 vs 1600 (1 Viewer)

Mark Broyles

May 19, 2004
In reading posts and reviews on the Denon 1600 (aka the Panny RP82), I was under the impression that picture wise it didn't get much better. So of course I bought one. I was happy with the unit although foggy scenes seemed layered and the skin on close ups smeared while in motion then looked great if the person was relativly still. I recently purchased a 3805 receiver at Good Guys and was able to add their floor model DVD2900 for less than $400 after the package rebate. Thinking I was just adding SACD capability and possibly better audio, I was blown away by the picture difference. Master and Commander looked like a different film. Skin tones in motion stay sharp, fog and smoke have a realistic transparency. I'm wondering, is this because of greater processing power or are the decoders better? Is this considered a minor differance to a reviewer because on a 55" screen, it sure ain't to me. I may have (hope springs eternal) found my final DVD player, at least until the HD models surface.

James W. Johnson

May 26, 2001
Your not imagining things, even the 2200 has a significantly nicer picture than the 1600. The bigger your screen the easier it is to pick out the differences in DVD players, I use a 6' wide screen so its really easy.

I have owned a 1600 and a long list of other DVD players and none of them can touch my DVD-2200 in PQ or any other department for that matter.

The 1600 , RP82 and a few others are top rated players in the Secrets of Hi-Fi shootout, obviously they are testing for techincal stuff and not PQ overall so much. Although you'd think that the things they test for would add up to a nice picture anyways.
Its definately a bit of a mystery to me but I have learned my lesson , the Secrets Shootout is only one tool to use in a DVD player selection. You need to use others such as reading here , but in the end the most powerful tool is getting the player home and using it awhile. I have used this approach and its expensive but I don't have to sit here and wonder if I have the best DVD player I can afford...I am 100% certain of it. That is until the next batch of players gets released then I get to start all over again. :)

John Garcia

Senior HTF Member
Jun 24, 1999
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Note also that if you don't calibrate your display to each player, you may not be seeing all each player has to offer.

Having said that, you are talking about a ~$400 player vs a $1000 player...there should be a noticable difference or there would be no reason for them to price the 2900 like that, nor would many people buy it. I have seen the 1600 which, thanks to Faroudja dcdi, passes a few more tests than the Silicon Image deinterlacers in the 2200 and 2900, but that does not necessarily mean the overall presentation will be better. I've owned other players in the same price range as the 2200, and it has the best looking PQ of any player I've owned so far. The 2900 is considered to be one of the best players for both audio and video in it's price range.


Supporting Actor
May 30, 2003
If you read thru the detail info on the "Secrets" review site they do say that the Silicon Image de-interlacer used in the Denon DVD-2200 and DVD-2900 is better for film-based DVD titles (movies) than the Faroudja in the DVD-1600. But for video-based titles (shot with a video camera not film) the Faroudja has the edge with its DCDi. So each has pros and cons.

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