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Denon 2802 making spitting noises? (1 Viewer)

Jack Lee

Jun 9, 2000
I'm helping my brother w/an upgrade. He just bought a Denon 2802 (at my recommendation). The other night he called complaining how lispy his Polk RT25i's sounded. He thought his Kenwood 309 was a better match.
I went over to "set him straight". I checked his speaker placement. Put acoustic damping on the side walls to cut down on slap echoes/reflection. The treble was set a notch down. Cinema EQ was used. The speakers were toed in/out : we still heard all sorts of silibance- "sssss" , "pppp". Source material was Peggy Lee's Fever and "The Whole Nine Yards" DVD (a very clean dialog mix).
So trying to CMA, I said the receiver is probably too honest pointing out the flaws in the speakers (even though RT25i's have a very flat frequency response w/a roll-off around 15Khz). I dragged over a pair of NHT1.5's and the sibilance got worse!
I never heard spit like that w/a Marantz receiver or Marantz monoblocks driving 1.5's. Come to think of it, I don't think I ever heard a Denon 3300 or Sony 777ES do that either.
For kicks we hooked up the Kenwood 309 to the 1.5's, and that sounded ok. In an act of desperation, I offered to cart over my B&W N805's. That's when my brother said "good night Jack."
Anyone else notice sibilance in Denon's newer (XX01, XX02) receivers? I was going to write this off as a bad pairing thing, but I never heard this w/other receivers or amps that I auditioned in the past.
I was going to suggest replacing the unit (my brother will LOVE that) w/another 2802, maybe a 3802.
Anyone with a similar experience?
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Chuck Kent

Supporting Actor
May 29, 1999
Jack: 2 suggestions.
Make sure that the tone controls are set to flat or bypassed. If this isn't the problem, try reseting the microprocessor.
If that doesn't work, I'd say you probably have a bad 2802.
I have a new 3802 and just listened to The Whole Nine Yards. While the DD 5.1 is mixed a bit louder than most, I had no sibilance difficulties at all.
Aug 23, 2001
My 2801 has that problem when playing CDs from either a Sony ES player or my Panasonic DVD (I haven't noticed it in DD or DTS). I had the Denon powering the fronts by itself. I had the Denon's preouts connected to an old(ish) Adcom amplifier. It "spits up" in both instances. If I run the source through a old(ish) Onkyo P-304 feeding the Adcom, there isn't any spitting. Nothing I've done so far has fixed it, including the suggestions by Mr. Kent.

Tor Arne

Stunt Coordinator
Aug 17, 2001
Check that he's not running the sound through the TV. I went to listen to some CD-music on my DVD-player the other day. I got really scared when I heard the sound coming from my speakers. The reciever was mistakenly set to IN TV, the TV was off and was just letting a poor signal through so the music sounded like it had a lisp (im not kidding). I was relieved when I realized the reciever was on the wrong input. Changed the input to IN CD and it was OK.
Looking back at what I just wrote it's a long shot but I'll post it anyway in case it helps. :)
Tor Arne Hustvedt
Picture of my setup so far:

Jack Lee

Jun 9, 2000
I brought over a couple of Marantz MA500's. No spit when driven by Kenwood's pre-outs. Spit when drive by Denon 2802 pre-outs. I think it's the 2802 DAC's. Think it's a similar experience to Robert's.
I already tried the direct mode. That's where we started. Tone controls help reduce the spit by knocking down the treble by 4dB.
I think I'll recommend a Marantz SR7200. I doubt my brother will want to get another 2802. I took a lot of arm twisting just to convince the Denon would be worth it.

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