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    I've owned the Denon 2700 for a number of years. Also attached I have a Milly 2.4.6 DTS decoder. The other day, I watched a movie in DTS (6 channel input) and had no problem. Trying to go back and play a DVD in Dolby I am getting nothing. The digital selection also no longer makes that 'click' noise it always made. I can get audio through digital using the 6 channel input (DTS pass through). Is it possible the Dolby Surround function is fried? All other audio capabilities are fine. Makes no sense. I am using a Toshiba 6200 with dig. coax directly into receiver. Digital optical is feeding the Milly (from the Toshiba). I have had no problems whatsoever with the unit. Am I doing something wrong?
    Any advice is appreciated. Thanks,
    michael c.
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    Mike: I'll throw a couple of ideas at you. In no particular order...(except for the last one.)

    I assume (?) that the 2.4.6 passes the digital signal on to the 2700's digital input?? (When it doesn't see DTS??)

    Try the digital cable direct from the player to the 2700.

    If the 2700 allows you to assign digital inputs, make sure they are correct.

    If all else fails, try a processor reset (it's in the back part of every Denon manual.) Be aware that if you reset the unit, it will lose all of your settings, including the radio presets.

    Good Luck!!

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