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Denon 1910 and video DAC's (1 Viewer)


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Dec 23, 2003
I'm planning to upgrade my DVD player and I'm considering new Denon models DVD 1910 or DVD 2910 (will come out in September) and I have a couple of questions.

DVD 1910 manual is on Denon website, DVD 2910 manual can also be found in Denon website, but there is not a link to get it, so this is the address for each model:



Now my questions:

1. If I use the player DVI output to my Sony KV-30XBR910 DVI input, I understand that the video signal never gets analog so I'm not using any video DACs, right? If so, should I get exactly the same video quality using DVD-1910 model ($270) than DVD-2910 model ($730) no matter if they have different Faroudja DAC's?

In other words, and only from the video perspective, I should prefer 1910 model because I wouldn´t get anything else from 2910 model and I would save $460.

2. Now, let´s go to the audio section.

I'm planning to connect the DVD player to my Denon AVR-3805 Receiver, which has enough Burr Brown DAC´s. Then, as long as I use a digital connection between them, the AVR-3805 will decode my CD's, right? So, to listen to regular CD´s, the decision should also be the DVD-1910 model and save the $460 difference, right?

Let's say that I would like to have the chance to listen to DVD Audio and SACD discs (not available in DVD-1910 model). One option is to get Denon DVD 2910 and pay $460 more, and other option would be to buy a five disc "universal" changer (DVD/CD/SACD/DVD-Audio) like Toshiba SD-6915 for $180 (in addition to DVD-1910) and listen to DVD's and regular CD's using AVR-3805 Burr Brown decoders, watching video using DVD-1910 DVI output and listening to high resolution DVD Audio/SACD using the multichannel analog output of Toshiba SD-6915 going to external decoder input of AVR-3805. This last option would give me disc changing capability (6 discs in total) and also a saving of $280, compared to option 1, but I'm not sure what I would be giving up.

Thanks for your advice,


Jason GT

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Dec 12, 2002
These products aren't out yet - so my words are as much speculation as anything else (and I'm keeping an eye on the 1910).

1. From what I've read elsewhere, the difference between the 2301 and 2310 chips is that the 2301 (used in the 1910) has an integrated video DAC. The processing stage is apparently identical between the two units, so DVI or HDMI out PQ across the two should be the same (unless there is other video processing in the signal path).

2. Audio - regular CDs using digital connection - yes you'll be using your receiver audio DACs. I don't know about the relative quality between the 1910's and the 3805's DACs.

DVDP+Toshiba changer vs 3910 - don't know really... there may be a difference in build or DAC quality between the 3910 and the Toshiba changer.

Incidentally, I believe that Samsung is coming out with a universal upscaling player as well (HD941).

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