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Dell Customer Service... Excellent!! (1 Viewer)

Justin Lane

Senior HTF Member
Jan 18, 2000
About a year I bought a Dell Inspiron 8000 fully loaded. Everything was running fine until this weekend when I got done using my system and powered down. The next time I started up multiple files within Windows were corrupted. I luckily got in and retreived all of my important documents in Safe Mode, before the the computer stopped even going into Windows. At this time the hard drive began making noises...it had failed.

On to tech support....called Monday, first guy thought the system just was corrupted and needed Windows re-installed. I had already tried this but humored him anyway, Scan disk would only complete about %60 and then would go back to 0 again over an over. So I called back and told them this did not work, and they finally said I guess you have a failed hard drive (I can't blame them for telling me to reinstall the OS, as this solves most problems usually).

They shipped out a replacement drive Tuesday, and on Wednesday I received my drive and was pleasantly surprised. My original drive was only a 20 gig while the new one was 30 gig.

During my call I also mentioned about how one of the touchpad mouse button was loose and worn out. Since I bought this through the EPP (Employee Purchase Plan) program I had 2 years of on-site service. On Wednesday a tech came out to my house and replaced the entire touchpad, not just the one button.

All in all I was very impressed with the experience. All of my problems were solved within 2 business days with a larger hard drive and a brand new touchpad assembly. If the extended onsite service did not come for free through EPP I probably would not have paid extra for it, but I am glad I have just from the time it saves from having to send your system off. By far the best service I have ever experienced from a computer manufacturer

Gregg Loewen

Founder, Professional Video Alliance
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Nov 9, 1999
New England
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Gregg Loewen
2 kewl!

Thanks for sharing, my 8200 is going to be delivered tomorrow. I CAN HARDLY WAIT!!

Kimmo Jaskari

Feb 27, 2000
Seems to be a mixed bag at Dell sometimes.

My Inspiron 8000 also ate a hard drive (Toshiba drive, I think it was). Called and wanted a replacement and asked specifically for an IBM Travelstar. 24 hours later a brand new IBM was delivered.

However, when we took delivery of three 8200's for the company, one had a faulty screen. It took my boss hours of calls to at least three or four countries (!) until finally he got some sort of assurance that we'd get a new one - sometime.

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