Degraded picture from receiver S-video

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    My current setup is:

    -36" Sony Wega (older non-HD model) w/ only one S-video input
    -Onkyo receiver (HTS650) w/ numerous S-video inputs
    -Playstation2 and Gamecube connected through receiver

    I have the Monster S-video cables for both the PS2 and the GC connected to the receiver inputs and one of the cheaper Monster S-video cables connecting the receiver output to the TV input.

    When I put in the Sound & Vision calibration disc in the PS2 with the above setup the sharpness calibration screen (and every other test for that matter) looks like garbage (i.e. blurry and noisy picture) compared to when the PS2 is connected directly to the TV input. I also noticed that a lot of the games look very dark even with brightness and contrast set towards the upper half of the spectrum.

    What is causing this picture degradation? Is it noise from the receiver? Is the S-video cable that I am connecting the receiver to the TV with of a lower quality?

    I am currently considering just switching the cables on the back of the TV everytime I switch systems but this will not help me if I decide to get a digital cable box w/ S-video output. Would buying a dedicated switch box help?

    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Allan Jayne

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    Does the Gamecube work better?

    Try different combinations of which cables go between whidh devices, also try different input jacks (input banks) on the receiver.

    It is possible that the quality of the cables is such that the combined length of cables going through the receiver is enough to cause degradation.

    You do not want to keep unplugging and replugging S-video connections, the plugs and jacks are fragile and will develop loose connectons if not break completely.

    Video hints:
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    Also try moving the s viddo cable around....does it change?
    It shouldnt
    Check the 4 pins also to see if they are misalignes or broken

    Older connectors need to be cleaned

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