DEG Awards at CES 2014

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    LAS VEGAS (Jan. 7, 2014) – During the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) the DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group will hold its annual reception to award top honors for digital entertainment products and retailers who excel in the marketing of these products.
    DEG established its retailer awards to recognize excellence in merchandising and promoting new digital entertainment products for hardware devices, Blu-ray Disc, DVD and UltraViolet titles; in addition to merchandising sellthrough and/or rental content online.
    The membership overwhelmingly voted for Target as the 2013 DEG Retailer of the Year, marking the first time that the retailer has been honored by the DEG.
    “We applaud Target for aggressively going after the home entertainment category, and pushing the industry to evolve and add even more value to our products,” said Ron Sanders, Chair of the DEG Board of Directors and President, Warner Bros. Worldwide Home Entertainment Distribution. “They have taken the time to evaluate the opportunities within the digital marketplace and are making strategic moves to market to their customers.”
    DEG members cited Target’s efforts in making the brand refreshing, relevant and accessible to its loyal customer base. The retailer continues to creatively merchandise Blu-ray Disc hardware and software, offering a broad range of products and purchasing opportunities. DEG members also recognized Target for using its physical business to launch a digital business from the ground up, making UltraViolet a key component of its Target Ticket service.
    “We believe that Target understands what its guests want and does its best to deliver it to them,” said Amy Jo Smith, President, DEG. “The launch of Target Ticket was exceptional – their UltraViolet implementation is best in class.”

    The DEG Emiel N. Petrone Innovation Awards
    In memory of the DEG’s founding Chairman Emiel N. Petrone, the DEG has four awards to acknowledge the year’s most outstanding digital entertainment products released in calendar 2013 in the categories of Best Ultra HDTV, Best Sound Bar, Best Connected Blu-ray Disc Player and Most Innovative Home Entertainment Product. Selected by a panel of product reviewers from the industry’s home theater enthusiast publications, the following four products will be awarded with the top honors:

    DEG AWARDS 2-2-2

    The DEG Emiel N. Petrone Digital Innovation Award for BEST ULTRA HDTV:
    XBR X850A Series 4K Ultra HDTV (Sony)
    The DEG Emiel N. Petrone Digital Innovation Award for BEST SOUND BAR:
    LAP340 Sound Plate (LG Electronics)
    The DEG Emiel N. Petrone Digital Innovation Award for BEST CONNECTED BLU-RAY DISC PLAYER:
    DMP-BDT330 Blu-ray Disc Player (Panasonic)
    The DEG Emiel N. Petrone Digital Innovation Award for MOST INNOVATIVE HOME ENTERTAINMENT PRODUCT:
    KN55S9C OLED HDTV (Samsung)

    DEG Creative Excellence Awards
    The DEG will also award five honors to acknowledge Creative Excellence in Blu-ray Disc titles released in calendar 2013. The judging panel, nominated by the motion picture studio and music company members of the DEG, consisted of reviewers and industry reporters from trade, entertainment and daily consumer news organizations. In addition to overall sound and picture quality, all titles were considered for those features that best demonstrate the value-added nature of the format. The DEG Creative Excellence Award Winners for 2013:
    New Release Title of the Year: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (Warner Bros. Home
    Classic Title of the Year: Wizard of Oz (Warner Bros. Home Entertainment)
    3D Title of the Year: Life of Pi (Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment)
    TV Title of the Year: Breaking Bad: The Complete Series (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment)
    Music Title of the Year: Cabaret (Warner Bros. Home Entertainment)

    DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group is a Los Angeles-based, industry-funded nonprofit corporation that advocates and promotes the many consumer benefits associated with various home entertainment products, including both physical and digital media on a variety of platforms. The DEG helps provide information and perspective about the home entertainment industry. The DEG also offers a forum for member companies to engage in ongoing discussions concerning various opportunities related to promoting established categories, evaluating and discussing new entertainment platforms and investigating supply chain efficiencies.
    DEG membership is comprised of: Akamai, Allied Vaughn, Anchor Bay Entertainment, bitMAX, BluFocus, BBC Worldwide America, Cinram, Cryptography Research, Deloitte, Deluxe Digital, DTS Entertainment, Dolby Laboratories, Entertainment One, Film Track, Gaiam Vivendi Entertainment, Gibson, HBO Home Entertainment, Image Entertainment, IMAX Corporation, Intel, JVC Disc America, Kaleidescape, LG Electronics USA, Lionsgate, M-GO, Mediamorph, Microsoft, Millennium Entertainment, MovieLabs, Netflix, Nielsen Entertainment, NPD Group, Panasonic, Paramount Home Media Distribution, Philips Electronics, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Random Media, Redbox, Rentrak, Rovi, Samsung Electronics, ScreenPlay, Sony DADC, Sony Electronics, Sony Music Entertainment, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Technicolor, Toshiba America Consumer Products, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Universal Music Group, Universal Operations Group, Universal Studios Home Entertainment, Walt Disney Studios and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.
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    Aside from a few Blu-ray exclusives, what exactly does Target do to move the industry forward? They sell mostly crappy products, displayed badly, almost nothing can actually be demonstrated and they don't have any salespeople who understand the products. And on top of that, they had lousy security on credit/debit cards and everyone's information was stolen.

    What a joke.

    The retailer of the year should be a place like Value Electronics for the seminars and TV shootouts that they run each year.

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