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    I'm looking for a good pair of surrounds to complement some Martin Logan front's in a large room.

    A response to my earlier post caught my eye, recommending DefTechs:

    "I suggest demoing a pair of Definitive Technology Bi-Polar

    BP2X model speakers. I have owned my pair for about five years even before I bought my dvd player. It takes 10 watts to drive them and they can handle aproxx. 200 watts."

    Thanks Marty.

    I looked at the DefTechs on their web site, and they sound interesting, especially because the size of my room and the orientation of my equipment. I auditioned the DefTechs when I was looking for fronts but preferred the ML's for 2 channel imaging. But I think they might make perfect surrounds.

    Picture my room as a diamond , its almost square so lets say 25' on each side, 12' ceilings. RPTV at 12 o'clock, front speakers at 11 and 1 o'clock. 5 o'clock thru 10 o'clock is all glass, but I prewired speaker cable on partitions between the windows at the 5 o'clock and 7 o'clock positions. It strikes me that bipolar speakers at those positions might be very effective, as there is a lot of room to fill upstage from them. The BPVX and the BPX look interesting.

    Has someone heard the whole line of DefTech surounds? Could you talk about the differences in sound of the BPX, BPVX, BP2X?

    Do these mount flat on the wall? I also saw an earlier post that talked about a good mounting position being 7' off the floor, which is perfect for me, just above two doors that would othrewise strike the speakers.

    Any other info would be greatly appreciated.


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