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    I recently built myself a new computer (see the "building new desktop" thread for more info). I setup an SATA matrix RAID using intel's new 925X chipset. It's pretty sweet. But I've got a question: how do I defrag this?

    Can I use the Windows defragmenter (I know it's not very good, but will it work?)? Can I use Norton's SpeedDisk on the matrix RAID disks? Are there other programs that would work better or that are designed specifically for RAID?
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    If the RAID is being done by hardware, then Windows sees it as a single disk and defrag software shouldn't even be aware that it isn't, any defragger should work.

    I've used Norton, Diskeeper, and Raxco PerfectDisk.

    Norton's defrag completely organizes the disk so that most frequently accessed files go first, but it doesn't have much strategy to minimize the amount of work it will have to do the next time.

    Diskeeper has no file organization at all, it just defrags the files and consolidates free disk space. It will move a rarely accessed file to the front of the disk if there's a hole there where it will fit.

    PerfectDisk has organization, not as many categories as Norton, but it also has a strategy to minimize the work it will have to do the next time.

    Currently I'm using PerfectDisk.

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