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    Definitive technology BP 2004 pair mains.

    i have owned this set for 4 years now and am very pleased . - i am curious as to which other brands and model do these speakers compare to ?
    i have not really demoed much at that time and bought it off the bat quick.

    this will give me an idea where my speakers stand compared to others so when i upgrade - i will know what to audition and get.

    i also have a BP2X rears and C1 center .
    it is powered by a pioneer elite vsx 07 tx.

  2. Bob McElfresh

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    Well, the design of the DefTech speakers is a bit different. They are bipolar - they fire sound backwards and forwards. This adds a depth/echo to the sound like being in a large theater or stadium.

    This adds a tone/flavor that takes a bit of getting used to, but then makes other speakers sound different.

    You really cannot ask: "What speaker is just above and below speaker XXX". This is like asking for opinions on ice cream or beer. Everyone has a different taste.

    When you are ready to upgrade, post your budget and ask: "I have $yyyy to spend. What should I audition?" and you will get a better response.

    If you want an upgrade opinion, go listen to the DefTech CLR 2002 center speaker. It is a large step up from the C1 and this single speaker will make a dramatic change to your system for movies, but maintain the important tone-match needed for your front 3 speakers. This center was the speaker that caused me to buy DefTech.

    Hope this helps.

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