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    I will be getting my InFocus 4805 this week and am shopping for a screen. I tried searching FAQs but didn't find anything that answered this.

    Some screens are 1.0, 1.3, 2.5 etc. gains. What does this mean?
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    Screen gain Identifies the "brightness' of the screen.

    Gain of .8 you might use with an already bright projector " high illumens) such as a DLP. (in general)

    Gain of say 0.1 is avg. can go either way with a DLP or LCD.

    when you get into the higher gains say 1.3,2.5.. use with duller less bright projectors..maybe a LCD or budget.

    There is no exct from what I have read. Being able to control room light- angles from wich you sit in the viewing range...and more have effect. Normally- your projotor manufaturer can recomend this too you.

    I Yamaha LCD is not as bright as a DLP in similar model. I'm ordering a Carada screen with a gain of 1.4 for my home theater room. I will have controlled light. It will be ceiling mounted. When talking to David at Carada...he said I could go "either' way- it comes down to preference.

    I know some say that your blacks wont be as black if the screen is too bright.

    Thats my take in a nut shell. If I gave bad info..all.. please correct me. This is what I have learned over the past couple months doing research.


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