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Michael Hall

Stunt Coordinator
Jul 30, 2002
I've found them to be a good CD retailer, as far as pricing and selection goes. Even if a title is on backorder, they usually can get it in and ship it out to you within a week or so. The free shipping offer is similar to DDD, in that it takes from a week to two weeks to reach you once it's been shipped. From my personal experience, customer service has been top notch as well. Whenever I've had a question concerning an order, someone has always been there and willing to help me out.

I actually had to price match something a few months back and not only did they go lower than the other etailer's advertised price, they went two bucks lower, down to around 9 dollars shipped for that particular item. Very cool. :)

So, if you're satisfied with the service you get from DDD, I'd definitely recommend checking out DDCD.

Rob Lutter

Senior HTF Member
Nov 3, 2000
DDD and DDC are pretty much the same company. So if you are happy with DDD, you have a pretty good chance of being happy with DDC :D


Senior HTF Member
Dec 14, 2000
Iowa, USA
Real Name
I have used them. For the most part, they have offered the lowest prices and good service compared to other online retailers. I did have a mix-up when I cancelled part of an order, but they shipped the complete order. They gladly paid for return shipping and I would have no reservations about ordering from them again.

Todd Schnell

Second Unit
May 21, 2001
I have also very often used DD DVD with only one problem that was corrected asap. Order either got lost in the mail or just wasn't shipped. When I contacted them about the missing order they shipped a replacement immediately.
Good customer service on this one, so really no problem.

Fast Forward to my first order with DD CD early this year.
I ordered 2 SACDs, but they sent regular red-book cds.
I contacted them about the mistake, & after months of trying to get them to straighten it out - first with simple correcting their mistake by sending the correct items, & later by just giving me a refund. I am supposed to have a credit on my CC (waiting for this months statement to verify).
We are talking at least 3 months here. I was very surprised, & disappointed in their (lack of) customer service on this order.

I would expect this is the same company as DD DVD, even asked them so, but could never get a answer out of them.
Again I had no problems with DD DVD, but feel the CD dept is a bunch of boneheads.
I doubt I will ever order from DD CD again, & have 2nd thoughts about using DD DVD ever again as well. I have not ordered from them since.


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