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    After moving into a 2 bedroom apartment, I finally have a dedicated home theater. Having moved it into a slightly smaller room than before and with a slightly different setup, I have a couple of problems I'm working on.
    1. Surrounds
    The surrounds have lost a little bit of their effect. Previously I had the seating right against the wall with the surrounds mounted on the same wall, pointed at each other over the heads of the viewers. They were about 68
    inches above the floor.
    Now the speakers are mounted on the side walls. They are now about 82 inches above the floor. If they are any lower, the door will be in the way whenever it is open.
    The speakers were also maybe 1.5 ft closer together before. The seamlessness and "imaging" that I had before is not quite the same. I'm not really sure what to do to imrpove it. Any advice?
    2. The Sub
    At my old place, my subs volume was half way up and my reciever was set to -12. In the new room, I have to set it to -6 to get the same amount of bass. I think this is because the size of the room has changed. It is in the same corner of the room and facing the same direction as before. Is it the cahnge in room size that could have caused this effect. All setting other settings on receiver (speakers set to small) are the same. Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance.
    BTW, I have a diagram if someone could post it. I don'y know how.
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    I'm sure the room size accounts for the changes you are experiencing. Have you checked/updated the following items after your move?

    1. Receiver settings
    (a) Speaker distance setting - in feet or milliseconds
    (b) Speaker dB level - re-calibrated with SPL meter

    2. Sub setting/placement -
    (a) try turning the sub volume control up, then adjusting the receiver sub volume setting for the desired level
    (b)sub placement -this may need to change due to the difference in the room size - try different positions in the room- this will also affect the 'loudness', but it should be a lot louder in a smaller room

    Hope this helps
  3. chung_sotheby

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    Room acoustics play a large part in how your system performs/sounds. As for point #2, I would not worry about the sub volume, unless you think that the sub will not be able to output at the same level when you really pump up your theater. If this is the case, then try different positioning options, or maybe even trying to put the sub on spikes or something similar. As for #1, what may be happening, if you are flush mounting your speakers to the wall, is that the sound coming from the speaker is too off-axis for the sound imaging/soundstaging/quality to remain at acceptable levels. What I would suggest is to point your surround down towards the listening position, if this is possible. If it is not (80" off the ground seems very high) try buying a set of speaker stands that allow you to angle the speakers down to the listening position. If this still doesnt work, maybe it is time to replace your speakers. Your best bet might be to try out a set of speakers with very good off-axis range (like the Diva and NOrh lines) and see how these work in your system.

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