Decision Time...... Take 2

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Jamie Peters, Jan 30, 2004.

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    Jan 14, 2004
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    Ok, I think I have finally made a decision... I got some really good advice from my previous post and have come up with what I think I am going to go with.

    What I am after is a good, solid, starter HT set-up that can be expanded on at a later date when $$ is available. My goal right now is to spend $1000 or less on the HT Audio portion to go with my Hitachi 51S500 and Pioneer DVD player. After a lot of input from here, reading all the available info on the web, and listening in stores.... Here is the deal.

    Receiver ----- Onkyo 701
    Center/Mains/Surround ----- JBL NSP1II SET + 1 N24 for rear center
    Sub -- Dayton 10" from partsexpress

    I can get all this at various on-line site for right at $1000 delivered. The only thing I am still debating is the 701 vs. 601 receiver. I could buy the 601 for $200 less and then maybe upgrade the sub to a HSU unit for the difference. I was just thinking for future expandability I might want the pre-amp outs. Plus the 100 watts of the 701 vs. 85 watts of the 601 might be needed to push the 86db sensitivity of the NSP1's until I can upgrade my speakers....

    What do you (honestly) think about the 601 vs. the 701 and the sytem as a whole.... Will it sound acceptable?
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    Having preouts would be a big plus, HOWEVER if you use the small speaker settings on the 601 the amps wouldn't have to work all that hard. Plus, if you can swing the better sub (I would suggest that over getting the 701 with the Dayton sub) while using the small speaker settings, the sub would carry the power hungry lower range anyway.

    I'd forgo the 701 and upgrade the sub given your situation.


    Get the 701 and just wait on the sub until funds are available.

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