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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by justinPan, Apr 2, 2006.

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    I am looking mainly at 2 systems right now. My main issue is that I want my music to sound good (loud), with home theater (movies) the second priority. I cannot run wires to the rear speakers, so I need to get wireless surround sound. And so, the Pioneer HTP-4600 looked like a good deal for $500. But, the sub kind of sucks and so I would want to replace it with a different powered subwoofer, and so I'm guessing the whole thing would run me about $750ish.

    So that's option #1. Option #2 would be the JBL System. That is,
    Pioneer VSX515 Receiver - $176 JBL Northridge E250P Subwoofer - $229
    JBL Northridge E90 Stereo Speakers - $206
    JBL Northridge EC25 Center Speaker - $125
    Total: $735, but it lacks wireless rear speakers, and so I am assuming that I could pick them up later for about $200. I am guessing that they will still work with my system, though -- is that correct?

    So, anyway, I want to be able to put out a lot of continious sound. My living room is 2 stories and the kitchen and stuff is right next to it, so there's a lot of area for sound to travel. Will the Pioneer system be close to as loud as the JBL system? I am assuming both are reasonably clear sound (for the money). Is this the case as well? Would there be a better solution, for the money?

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    Justin, I don't think you saw this line posted atop the Basics-area thread-listing page:

    Since you seem mostly concerned with wireless rear speakers, your post has been moved here to Speakers/Subs. Use the Basics area to discuss general home theater issues at the beginner level. Thank you.
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    I think I would go with option 2. Have you listend to the JBL's? You might consider the E80's instead of the E90's. It would save a little money and you shouldn't miss too much as one is rated to 36Hz and the other to 38Hz (at -3dB). You'll probably have everything crossed to the subwoofer well above that mark anyway. Also, I just tend to prefer the 6" woofer over the 8" -- assuming there's a decent sub in the system.

    You might also consider the Acoustech H100 sub instead of the JBL. While the JBL is a good sub by most accounts, I'm pretty sure the H100 will dig a little deeper -- although I don't think I've seen a direct comparison between the two. They are very similarly priced, however.

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