Decent Component switch/selector?

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    An article in a gaming magazing said that if I needed to connect several Component-out to a monitor, I could use a "JVC JX-S111 A/V selector" and that I could find it online for under $100. Does this device work without signal degredation, os should I be wary? And does anyone know where I can get it from, online?
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    Run a search of the forum. This subject has many recent threads. A good search word might be Inday, or was it Enday...? I think one of those is the name of a 4 in, 1 out high-def switcher that you can get for some less than $200. "Duty now for the future." The JVC may satisfy your immediate switching needs but down the road you may wish you had't bought a passive switcher that would become obsolete, possibly, in a few short years. Best wishes!
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    Here is the link to the thread on Inexpensive HD Video Switching.
    No. Most switchers dont have a problem with signal degradation. But you have 3 things you could do:
    - Buy the Radio Shack unit that has L/R/Video switching for about $40. Some people have bought this, used the audio connections for component video switching and say it works fine.
    - Buy the JVC unit that is really designed to switch component video.
    - Buy one of the HD switching units described in the link above and be able to switch 4 high-definition sources, including converting optical & coaxial to each other.
    Hope this helps.

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