Dear Studios, Unified HD format first choice, if not then BluRay...

Discussion in 'DVD' started by DaViD Boulet, Mar 30, 2005.

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    Like every consumer, I would love to see a unified format...if that format could be achieved without degrading the performance that Blu-ray can provide. If such a unified format is not possible, then please offer your titles on BluRay disc.

    Why do I want Blu-ray and not HD DVD?

    It's simple. It's got more space. It's got more bandwidth. That means better-quality HD video along with uncompromised audio like lossless DTS-HD encoding or DD at higher bit-rates than current DVD affords, and plenty of space to spare for bonus features without eating in the bit-bucket reserved for feature content.

    As an enthusiast, I'm not concerned with the politics of Sony, Toshiba, or the film industry; I just my HD format to be the highest-quality it can be. Given the compromises we suffer with current DVD when bit-space for Auido, Video, and special features all start to compete with each other, it seems that adopting a format like HD DVD locks us into the same necessary competition between these content features only offering them in HD resolution. Blu-ray, on the other hand, has the bit-space and bandwidth to provide truly high-quality picture, sound, and special features without these (or at least lessened) limitations.

    That makes it the right choice as far as I'm concerned.

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