Dear MGM: When you get around to doing THE MAGIC SWORD and JACK THE GIANT KILLER....

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Dick, Aug 8, 2003.

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    These are two fine fantasies releases in the 1960's. The first was produced and directed by none other than schlock movie maker Bert I. Gordon, but this color production is practially an epic compared to his usual fare and is really very entertaining. The now-quaint effects are actually decent. The second was an obvious 7th VOYAGE OF SINBAD rip-off (also from United Artists) which used the same director (Nathan Juran) and actors (Kerwin Matthews and Torin Thatcher) as thew 1958 masterpiece. Budgetary limitations, I would guess, prevented the producer from elisting special effects of Harryhausen's caliber, but some of the Jim Danforth stuff is quite good, the music score excellent, the heroine beautiful. These movies were both released on laser disc through you, but were both pan-and-scan. Please, when you get around to releasing these on DVD, as you almost certainly will, do them right. Give us OAR (put the pan and scan versions on sibe B, if you must). We fantasy fans who have fond memories of these kiddie matinee classics want them done right! Thanks.
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    Well, I saw both of them as a kid and have seen the Magic Sword recently. I definately would like to see this one on DVD and would definatley buy it. Jack the Giant Killer, although I loved it as a kid, is another story. I recently saw it on cable and I must admit, the claymation presentation of the monsters is a bit gumbyish. I doubt I would buy this movie on DVD.

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