Dear MGM....Here is what is NOT in my DVD library...

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Dick, Jun 14, 2003.

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    I am a huge and insatiablefan of excellent foreign language films. I own well over one hundred of them. Unfortunately, two films which I absolutely cherish and would have in my collection with no hesitation had they been released with some care are not among the titles on my shelves. They are: JEAN DE FLORETTE and MANON OF THE SPRING. This is not a new issue, I realize. But, really, MGM, if you have experienced lackluster revenue from the sale of these titles, as I am quite sure you have (due to the uniformly crappy reviews of them), can't you finally admit that you dropped the ball and re-issue these superb films with the transfers they deserve? Your subsequent foreign releases have been quite excellent, leaving these two titles to stand out as serious abberations. Your excuses about having no better source material to use for these DVD's is truly absurd and you know it. PLEASE RE-DO THESE FILMS and you will be rewarded by many new sales!! Thanks in advance for your honest re-appraisal.
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    Fully agreed. I very much enjoyed both of these pictures when I first saw them, but I don't own them, and I won't own them until they're afforded careful anamorphic transfers (both are Technovision 2.35:1). MGM should consider reissuing, at the very least, all of their scope pictures currently available only in non-anamorphic form. MGM should also reconsider their ill-advised "never enhance 1.66:1 material" stance, one shared by Warner Bros.. The quality of anamorphic 1.66:1 material from other studios has proven this policy unwise, and has cost both studios certain sales, particularly, for my money, MGM, with their slew of classic, contemporary, foreign and domestic 1.66:1 titles.

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