Dean Martin Variety Show: reactions/info on the DVDs

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Bill Burns, Sep 29, 2003.

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    May 13, 2003
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    An old friend of the family signed up for the VHS promotion set up by George Garrison for the Dean Martin Variety Show and Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts, and as a result I had a chance to see a couple of the tapes, which were hilarious. I see from the website (and infomercials [​IMG]) that the series is now on DVD, but in the same release format: buy one, get another disc every month or two (sounds like Columbia House [​IMG], but it isn't).

    I'm wondering if anyone has tried this, and if so:

    1). How the series is organized: are the shows in chronological order, or selected randomly? The website promises the "finest hours" of the show, but of course I'd much prefer complete sets (season/special), even if the demand remains too low to release them to retail.

    2). How the video quality of the show holds up on DVD when compared with other television offerings of the period (compression, edge enhancement, color clarity and fine detail ... all of the usual tech parameters).

    3). Just how many episodes one receives, in total, as part of the promotion; perhaps it's ongoing/indefinite until the entire show is covered? If so, the issue of chronology becomes very important for collectors.

    Here's a link to their website (according to the website, Garrison was a director/producer of the show): Again, I enjoyed the couple of VHS tapes I had a chance to see, and they were certainly watchable, but the DVD game brings with it certain expectations of quality and chronology, and as with all "by infomercial/internet only" promotions, I wouldn't really consider giving it a shot without positive fan feedback. I may not one way or the other (retail and major labels are always safest when buying dollars are limited), but thoughts and reactions from anyone who's given this a try would be very welcome. I've certainly loved the few episodes I've seen on VHS (all of which may have been roasts, actually, come to think of it).
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    I am subscribing to this one on DVD. These are not complete episodes of the "Dean Martin Show"; nor, I suspect, are they specially-prepared compilations. (When you see Orson Welles and Jimmy Stewart introducing or "setting up" the clips you have to suppose we're not seeing newly-created stuff.)

    Interviews with Greg Garrison are mixed in here and there, and these ARE fairly recent (a book about the show which came out recently is mentioned).

    Video quality? Yeesh. It's old color TV video, bright when the source is good and freakish when it isn't (Dean's face moves from tan to green to orange in some clips on Volume 1).

    But hey--I don't see "The Dean Martin Show" coming to TV Land anytime soon. And Dino is entertaining as hell. So I'll stick with this one, as I will with the barebones "Carol Burnett Show" releases from Columbia House (at least those are complete episodes with newly filmed introductions).


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