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    Well as the title says I have something to regret, witch is actually kinda stupid, but anyway. I had planned on adding a few things to my system when taxes got here, like a new sub & sub amp for my sono, & a couple or so bass shakers for the new couches my wife & I just got, & a couple of other odds & ends. But being a very impatitaion person with too many hobbies & never enough cash too support all of them I turned to something kinda new. Instead of spending the money on things for the hometheater I went out & blew almost a grand on a RC Nitro Truck. Don't get me wrong this thing is damn fun to play around with, but I could easily see myself putting another grand or two into it just to hop it up. So now Im stuck with something Im not sure I should have bought that I already broke a few things on jumping over some snow piles ( Cold weather,30 plus MPH, Hard ground 5 feet below, & landing wrong side up, its not priceless ):b Im not new to RC as I was into it pretty big in high school. I easily had a few grand into the stuff I had then, but I sold it all to get into the real thing & have always wonted to get back into it since then so here I am. Now I find myself almost every night going back & forth with what should I do this week, hop-up's for the truck or put a little back for some more stereo gear? Uggggh I driving myself freaking nuts with all of this. Every time I set down to watch a movie I wonder what I'm missing by not getting the things I wonted for my system. But on the other hand anytime I get a chance to run the truck I think how much more stuff I could do to it.
    The last thing bugging me is one big reason I decided to get back into RC was to have something to get out with my two boys & do. My oldest son (7) was pretty excited when I told him I might get one but now he could care less. My youngest boy(3) absolutely loves it but hes too young to play with it. I was really hoping it would be something that I could get them both into so I could have something to spend more time doing with them, But the only thing my oldest son wonts to do is play Game Boy or just watch tv. I think my youngest would get into it as he seams to follow almost anything I do but hes got a couple more years of watching to do before I turn him loose with a screw driver & a thousand dollar toy.
    Well I think I shut up now I just had to get it off my chest. I think I'll go watch a movie & stair at my half broken truck & wonder[​IMG]
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    Hey that sounds pretty cool, any pictures?
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    Regrets, I've had a few
    But then again
    too few to mention


    Seriously, if you have more than one hobby it's a constant time and money balancing act. Hell, if you aren't independently wealthy it's a balancing act anyway.

    Put away the Game Boy and take you boys to an RC racing event that should peak their interest if they are at all interested.

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