Deadwood Ep 8


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Sep 5, 2000
Al is the best. When the kid asked to go look for his father, that was a good scene too. When one of Al's men came in to tell him about two kids trying to steal from the Bella Union, and he said, "We all know who that was." I think Al was on to them even before Sy was.

I'm glad someone mentioned the cleaning the blood stain scene. Another very funny one. "There, that's how you clean a blood stain!"

Trixie and Al's relationship is definitely an odd one. I agree that she thinks she can't be more than a whore.

I'd love an end of season clip show of every EB/Al conversation. Those are the best.

Garrett Adams

Supporting Actor
Sep 27, 2000

I have no idea but after that episode I've developed much greater empathy for the character referred to as "the gimp". Prior to that I just had pitied her.

Marc Fedderman

Second Unit
Feb 28, 2004
That's the impression I got. It may have also been meant to convey that Joanie is not the romantic (or what passes for one in Deadwood) she seemed to be. She knows how to play the game.

That scene was smartly played out. I think one was supposed to get the feeling that Joanie was going to shoot Cy (and I think she wanted to), only to see her turn the gun on Flora after a brief deliberation.

Mike Broadman

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Aug 24, 2001

Al would do anything to achieve success. This includes the nasty goings-on that make him a scoundrel as well as the mundane practices that are required to keep a good saloon, as we've seen repeatedly by him offering free drinks and whores to appease patrons, and now to do get a blood stain out, even if it means doing it himself.

Can't wait to see how Joanie's business turns out. My guess is that she will eventually become more successful than Cy- somehow she will truly break free of him. The real Deadwood had a booming prostitution racket, much of which was run by women.


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Feb 18, 2002
I think Joanie shot Flora out of pity and a sense of resignation. She knew Flora was going to die anyway, so it was better to get it over quickly so that Flora would not have to suffer any longer. Then she tried to turn the gun on herself, and that's when Cy took it from her. I also loved the look that Cy gave her at the end of the episode when they were speaking on the balcony. She told him to kill her or release her, or she would kill him. The look he gave her was cold enough to freeze the nuts on an elephant.

Oh, and the Scot was Tim, who was involved in the sale of the claim to the NYer. After which Dave killed him. I loved Al's line to Dave when giving him a few to do's - "And don't forget to kill Tim." Classic!

Mark Turetsky

Supporting Actor
Aug 7, 1998
Anyone else think that the relationships with the two brothel owners and their top whores are the most interesting ones on the show? By this I mean that when I see Al and Trixie or Cy and Joanie together, I don't know what to expect, and also feel that none of them know what will happen, either. Exciting stuff.

Mary M S

Mar 12, 2002
Love Deadwood, (cept for the focking language of curse
Only thing I try to catch regularly.

I missed chunks of the last two episodes and have not picked them up yet. Extrapolating from what I saw and sumise from what I know of womens mentality including the abused and streetwise. I saw Trixie treated like a shuttlecock.

First the widow will 'send her and the child'. As Doc points out from Trixies point of view that will never fly. Although she desperately wanted the 'out' it was just a depressing pipe dream to her and she resented the widow somewhat for holding out the illusion.

Then the suicide attempt and the offer to 'take her' which Trixe will 'think on'. (I took it that Trixe KNOWS the widow does not know her own mind. (pipe dreams all...)

When the Widow settles on "I'm staying" I felt that Trixe was ...way streetwise to not respect Al Swearingons power inside Deadwood, and understood that she could never get away with staying in town...but out of his long as he (in his own warped way..wants her).

Might as well go back willingly, because a nice Al is not so nice. But leaving herself within a thwarted Al's circumference of influence ...(same town) was simply asking for trouble.

And she does display the emotional ties of the abused to the abuser.

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