Dead Ringers: R2 Dutch Edition - Includes ALL Criterion extras!

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Gordon McMurphy, Sep 8, 2004.

  1. Gordon McMurphy

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    Does anyone have the Dutch edition of Cronenberg's, Dead Ringers? It has the same transfer and extras as the now OOP Criterion?

    Does anyone know any really good Dutch e-tailers?

  2. Mark_vdH

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    May 9, 2001
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    I'll just repost my post in 'software':

    I have it, though I've not imported it. [​IMG]

    The extras are the same, but I don't think the transfer is. It's framed at about 1.80-1.85:1 and doesn't look too good to my eyes. The 5.1 sound is apparently a 2.0 'upmix'. It seems they just tried to mimic the specs of the Criterion version.

    There's no insert, and the cover art is different from the Criterion (though it does have the Criterion banner):


    You can get it very cheap here, though I don't know the international shipping rates:

    The exact same disc (without cover) is also available in the following (also very cheap) 7 disc set:

    EDIT: And yes, I would say that's a pretty reliable Dutch e-tailer. It's the biggest chain of cd/dvd stores in Holland/Belgium. Not much info on titles however.....

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