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Dead or alive? (1 Viewer)


Jun 24, 2002
Hi All,

I was just wondering if anyone knows what has happened to the Sony TAE9000ES and TAN9000ES pre/proc/poweramp combination.

I am interested in adding this to my existing 2 channel setup for the purposes of adding HT capability, but was wondering if it's still current, as in production. I've read 'rumours' on various sites about how production 'may' have actually ceased, and all that's left available is the 'dregs' from warehouse stock. Is their any truth to this?

Sony Australia states that it is still current,(but the 'customer service' guy in the call center could only go by his readout on his computer, and could not tell me if that meant they were still actually in production) but currently out of stock and back ordered.

I've also heard from a Sony retailer, who stated that there was a new model due to be released around last Christmas, and that production of the TAE+TAN had been wound down accordingly, however as the new models release had according to him been put back till either very late this year, or 2003 at the earliest, production was continuing with the TAE+TAN combo.

As I've been unable to get any information direct from Sony, and accordingly wonder where the retailer got his info, wonder if anyone out there has any 'inside knowledge' as it were.

If the TAE+TAN is unavailable, my other choice would be the new receiver - STR-VA555ES (in Europe/Asia) / DA5ES (in USA)
But was wondering if this would sound as good as the TAE/TAN combo. As stock is very short re retailers, having some difficulty achieving a demo between the two. So I'm wondering if anyones been able to do an AB comparison between the STRVA555ES/DA5ES and the TAE+TAN combo that could give me some comment re sound differences etc, and an opinion on which is better, if there is a better, and not just different. My priorites lean more towards the best sound for Home Theatre. I am not particularly concerned about the lack of PL2 etc on the TAE, which the receiver does have, but in the overall sound quality as regards HT. Sound on music, is less of a concern, although if it performs well there should be a plus for HT, and as an overall purchase.

I've auditioned the Denon 3802, which was a bit thin and bright on HT for my tastes, but with good dynamics, and the new Rotel receiver the !065 (from Memory). It had a very smooth and rich presentation, but very laid back dynamically, which didn't suit me that well either.

I've heard good things about Sony, much as some don't care for them in the audio field, thought a 777ES heard about a year ago when searching for my DVD playter (Sony DVP9000ES) was most impressive in many areas on the HT side of things.

So looking hard in that direction. Hoping to be able to find some answers, and that someone may know whats happening with the TAE/TAN etc.

Thanks for the help in advance,


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