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    Is it normal for some dolby digital-ex format dvd, when it plays only "dolby digital" can read by the a/v receiver.[​IMG]
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    Could you please elaborate?

    I have Dolby Digital-EX DVD, (LOTR director's cut, YES!). I have a receiver that isn't capable of DD-EX decoding.

    So, it WILL play as a DD only track.

    However in the case of my LOTR DVD I can select DD or DD-EX, so the choice for me would be obvious. However if it ONLY had a DD-EX track my reciever would still decode the information as DD only.

    The EX is just matrixed into the existing 5.1 channels. There is no information lost playing an EX track on a DD only capable decoder.

    However, if what you're asking is: I have a DD-EX DVD and I play it through my receiver that IS bloody well capable of DD-EX decoding, but doesn't seem to kick into DD-EX mode. Then, I'd say; Houston we have a problem. Possibly look for how your receiver is supposed to recognize DD-EX, I would think it's automatic.

    Hope this helps

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