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DCX-3600M (Model ID:AR362GA) - old OS? Severe usability issues (1 Viewer)

Mike Romo

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Feb 14, 2000
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Mike Romo
hi all!

I had an old Motorola DVR (we get "free" cable with my building, which includes a DVR)) that was starting to fall apart (the hard drive was dying so many of the recordings looked like the Matrix) so I went to the Spectrum Store and replaced it with a new one, the Arris DCX-3600M (that's what it says on the box, according to the OS it's model AR362GA). While I appreciate the fast hard drive and six tuners, I don't appreciate literally anything else. I have to think that it's not updating the OS because I am running into significant usability issues, listed here that have been available on all the other DVRs I've ever used::
  • No option to display time while DVR is "on" and turned to a channel; it just shows the channel #
  • No way to set the number of recordings. So now we have 42 episodes of Househunters International. I want no more than 7!
  • No way to mass delete shows--remember the 42 episodes? I have to delete them one by one.
I have gone through all the setup menus--super easy, since there are so few options to tweak. I do have the box hooked up to my home network via ethernet, just like the old box--we're using a cable modem so I am not even sure if that's needed but old habits.

I actually returned the box thinking I got one that had networking issues but I am getting the same problems. Any suggestions to get the box to operate like it's 2018 would be great. Or maybe DVRs just suck now?

Thanks for reading!


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