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    I am looking for help on determining what I need to stream my own digital content (movies) from my my main PC thru my network to other TV's located throughout the house. I currently have (3) TV's connected via DirecTV receivers that I am interested in streaming my own digital content to or through. I have almost 1,000 DVD movies that take up tons of shelf space and would like to explore alternatives, some of these are in digital format already (iTunes). I have and X-Box 360 set-up as an extender in my family room on which I can view Netflix and/or Amazon prime streamed movies and TV shows, I have a Wii upstairs that allows me to stream Netflix and I also have DirecTV receivers on these TV's and in my daughters bedroom (all HDTV receivers). I have WD live on my home network and media sharing on the DirecTV receivers, as well as Windows Media Center connected thru my Xbox 360. As of now, I have not found a simple way of streaming my digital movies through any of this. I am able to watch them via iTunes on my shared library's via laptops and thru iPad and iPad Mini, but not on my actual Televisions. I am assuming I need some type of media player device(s) for these televisions in order to accept the iTunes file format and to make it accessible to all of the other devices. Question(s): 1) Do I need a media player device for each TV? 2) Is there a much simpler way of doing what I am trying to do? 3) Why won't Windows Media Center play my existing files - is it file format? 4) Why won't DirecTV media share play my existing files - is it file format? Note that my family room TV is a Mitsubishi WD 6538 DLP "smart tv" and DirecTV HD receiver Upstairs TV is a dumb Magnavox 55" Plasma tv with a smart Samsung BluRay Player connected and DirecTV HD My daughter has a 42" Samsung smart tv and DirecTV HD I'm sure you will probably need a lot more info - is there a simple way to list my current set-up configuration on the forum in my profile? I assume that is what lists are for??
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    1. Yes. 2. Once you find your "playback". Yes. 3. Apple and windows? Yes there are programs to make them play nice...but I forgo the headache. 4. I tried this route, as I have "whole home". The only "server" I've found that works with Directv is HP Media Share. But HP Media Share doesn't like Itunes. Your "best option" is a separate NAS outside your itunes. Pick a format (avi, mkv...whatever) and get streamer devices at your TVs. Also, you can connect Ipad(2 and 3), iphone(4 and 5) and Ipod(I don't remember all of them) with "apple HDMI adapter" (not what it is called, but you'll find it that way) for $40 online or at Target. They are as low as $27 on Ebay.

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