Dayton DVC12 Sealed Construction

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by JimRHIT, Dec 2, 2002.

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    Hey guys,
    Well, now on my third venture into the DIY field, and awaiting my AV12's. First the Tempest, and my Uncle's Shiva, now a Dayton. I am helping a friend here at school build a smallish sealed or ported sub.
    He is using a H/K AVR320 and kenwood six piece setup of speakers. We are basically replacing his Kenwood sub with this. He will be using an old Pioneer 100Wx2 DPL receiver to power it.
    His intention lie mostly in HT .. so 75%HT/25%Music.
    He is looking to minimize space, but also wants some descent output. I am looking into sealed, to make sure that it is "protected" from bottoming, while I know the ported is more efficient and louder.
    Please suggest some internal volumes, (and porting ideas...if you suggest that method)...cause this may be an odd shaped box.
    Please let me know of some ideas that you have. Thanks...Jim[​IMG]
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    Try Rudy's Dayton Sub Archive . There are many 12" DVC projects listed. I copied the 1.2ft^3 sealed project for a friend and it sounds great.
  3. Ryan Schnacke

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    Feb 5, 2001
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    I was unhappy with the extension of the 1.3 cu ft sealed DVC I built even with about 2dB of boost at 30Hz from the plate amp. The box was very rigid and sealed tight but it just didn't dig deep. If I were to try sealed again I'd go closer to 2 cu ft and only lightly stuff.

    Instead I went with a 3.5 cu ft vented sub with the 4 inch aeroport, full 18 inch length. This puts tuning around 22Hz. Much, much more bottom end than the sealed sub -sounds pretty similar to my SVS 25-31. Of course its a LOT bigger than the sealed.

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