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Day Trip in NYC with friends. Help me plan (1 Viewer)

Scott L

Senior HTF Member
Feb 29, 2000
So me and some military friends are planning on going to NYC soon with some of their girlfriends. Here are some things I can think to do off the top of my head:

*Reserve tickets for Conan O'Brien (4-5pm show)
*Walk through Rock Center and Times Square
*Chinatown for lunch
*Observation decks at WTC site (long lines?)

Any other things poor college kids and military folk can do? And where could we park? How much does the average all-day parking lot cost in NYC and are they abundant all around the city (Manhattan)? Thanks for any help.

Aurel Savin

Supporting Actor
Nov 15, 1998
One day in NY is a little tough to accomplish all the things you mentioned ... but possible.
I do believe the observation deck at WTC is no longer (i am not sure) as the recovery effort is over and there is not much to see. But do take a trip down there as it is a very spiritual place.
Parking ... you better have alot of money :) Weekdays, Manhattan parking is one of the most expensive in the country. Somewhere in the $20-$25 per hour range in some areas ... up to as much as $35 in some Midtown locations. If you do come early ( like 7am) and park for the day it could be considerably cheaper. Street parking on weekdays is impossible and not really available in 80% of Manhattan, except residential parts. Just a heads-up on this.
Rockefeller Center and Times Square are a must see for any tourist .. for sure ... so try to make this happen. and they are not really that far from eachother ... you can walk.
Chinatown, could be a madhouse during the week as well and is another area I would not recommned driving to, but if you must, you will get garages. Food in Chinatown is REAL ethnic Chinese food, not McDonalds style :) you find in most of the US ... it is alot different. Good stuff if you know what to order.
My suggestion is to go to Tribeca, just below Chinatown for good food. A littel more expensive but great restaurants. They also need support as all of them have been suffering since 9/11.
Anyway have a good time ...


Supporting Actor
Apr 23, 2002
Good call, those are all most feasible.
Try the Empire State if you want a famous view.
But be prepared for some security checks of your person/belongings......that is a new thing, but the view is still great on a clear day.

Steve Owen

Second Unit
Jan 7, 1999
Yes, the viewing platform at Ground Zero is still open (I was there Friday... another topic forthcoming). I didn't do the viewing platform though. You can basically walk all the way around the site now. You can stand on the street just below the platform. The platform gets you about 5 ft. higher than the road, but that's it. It's certainly not necessary to go through the trouble of getting the tickets for the platform if you just want to visit the site.

As far as parking goes, don't drive around. They nail you in the parking garages for the first couple of hours, but then its not much more if you want to stay the day. Park once and take a cab or the subway from place to place.


Max Knight

Supporting Actor
May 8, 2000
I don't know if you will have time, but you if you can go out to Brooklyn and visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (there is a subway stop right near it, as it is joined with the Brooklyn Museum). It's only $3, and it is amazing! They have a gorgeous Japanese hill and pond garden.

I personally think that Times Square is overrated, especially now that it is one big Disney store.

The Guggenheim museum uptown is really fun.

Since you are a fellow HTF'er you may be interested in catching a show at the Ziegfeld, with it's huge screen and 1,200 seats.

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