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    by David Tolsky
    Are you a fan of the increasingly popular musical style known as world music? Does the sound of flamenco guitar, rhythmic percussion and even gypsy-flavored violin get you excited? If so, I know of a band that will command your attention with their self-titled debut disc: Ziroq.
    To listen to Marcus Nand (lead vocals, guitar) and Carmine Rojas (bass) talk about their chance meeting is to realize they both have a passion for the world sound. Together with band members Paul Blazek (percussion), Guillermo Pasquel (backing vocals, strings), Tal Bergman (drums, percussion) and J’anna Jacoby (violin), they mix Indian, Latin American, North African and American flavors into an exciting blend of music that is all their own. You can hear excerpts from their discussions (in either Spanish or English) if you access Special Features from the main menu and click on Interviews.
    If you are set up for DVD-audio, upon inserting the disc, you will automatically be taken to the splendid MLP tracks. The advanced resolution of MLP 96khz/24 bit is the preferred listening experience as usual and it does not disappoint. The 5.1 mix was handled by Gary Lux at 5.1 Studios of West Los Angeles, California. He mainly mixed tracks for the front soundstage, but there are some instances where the surround channels were used to reveal percussion and backing vocals in an entertaining way.
    The Ziroq DVD-A includes twelve tracks in all. Nand sings some of the songs in Spanish and a few of them in English, as he is fluently bilingual. He has a rasp that resembles Peter Gabriel and, like Gabriel, the band has taken world music sounds and added their own personal touch.
    Accessing Special Features from the main menu, you can choose from a music video, Cerca de Mi (currently running on MTV Latino), or two live performances, Reina and Ziroq. The full motion video is accompanied by either a Dolby Digital 5.1 or a stereo soundtrack in 48khz/24 bit. You can also access the band’s biography and scrapbook of photos from the same menu. My only regret here is that there are no easy- to- read on-screen lyrics included but you will find them in the jewel case booklet.
    Aside from their song writing, Ziroq has some very talented musicians. The instrumental tracks, like the self-titled Ziroq, Patio Del Moro and Nomad, show what the band can do musically. When they go into an all-out musical jam, be warned: You just may find yourself daydreaming about vast desert landscapes, tranquil seas or perhaps the highest temples in India!
    Track list: Terra Del Sur, Que Pena, Ziroq (instrumental), Closer to Me, Contando Cacaheutes, Voices, Pobre Corazon, Reina, Prisionero, Pateo Del Moro (instrumental), Nomad (instrumental) and Cerca de Mi (Spanish translation of Closer To Me - and a great tune that could be a hit single).
    Equipment used in review: Yamaha DSP-A1 Integrated Amp, Yamaha S1200 DVD-A/DVD-V player, Atlantic Technology System 450 THX speaker system.
    SIDE NOTE: If you are into the DVD-A scene, Silverline Records (a division of 5.1 Entertainment Group) is a label that you will want to watch. They recently completed a deal with Sanctuary Records to release 140 albums in six-channel format, including albums from Bob Marley, Styx, The Kinks, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Sex Pistols, and Megadeth.
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    Thanks Ron, This is one I'm not even familiar with. What a blessing, when stuff like this get reviewed and mentioned. Always on the lookout for new musical experiences..cool
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    Because of your enthusiastic review Dave,and my liking of the so called "world music",I took plunge and ordered this disc from CC.
    All I can say thanks for bringing this disc to my attention,as I liked it from the first listening,and I like it even better now.
    Those of who favour the stereo tracks on DVD-A,this one even caught my attention, as this has to be among the better 2 ch recordings I've heard for a long time.
    Having said that the 6ch track is better.[​IMG]
    Thanks Dave!

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